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  • INdurance Cycling

    INdurance Cycling

    It’s time to fight those post-holiday and winter blues…time to stay strong and prepare for those outside rides ahead with an Endurance Cycling program, at a cycle studio near you. BE WELL and ENJOY THE RIDE!

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  • So Good 534

    So Good 534

    The name of this says it all…Enjoy the Ride! Many current pop tracks and a few multiples for these artists: John Newman, Hey Violet, and Harry Styles. Also a couple extended tracks at 5+ minutes. CHECK OUT ALL OF THEM…have a great week! Don’t miss the featured news at the end of this post…tough times […]

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  • Nothing Good Comes Easy 532

    Nothing Good Comes Easy 532

    Happy Sunday from the massage chair at Davi Nail & Spa (East Grand Rapids, MI)…with my wife for a couples pedicure on a windy & rainy day. The weather got in the way of our road/trail ride…so here we sit. 🫠 With my next cycle class at the Mary Free Bed YMCA tomorrow (Monday, 6pm), […]

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  • Make It Look Easy 526

    Make It Look Easy 526

    Summary Profile and Playlist: WARM UP: WONDER / morgxn, PVRIS SEATED FLAT W/ SPIN-UPS: Falling Up / FIXL, Matt Wills, Andy Kulter POWER CLIMB: Make It Look Easy / Valley Of Wolves ALT SEATED / STANDING HILL: Hallucination / Regard, Years & Years ATTACKS ON A HILL: Waiting To Feel Like This / Louis The […]

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  • C is for Christmas 519

    C is for Christmas 519

    Happy Holidays! I hope this blog post finds you in good health and filled with only the joyous feelings of the Christmas season! After the past 20+ months we do need more JOY all around the world. JOY for the Canum family came just about two years ago with the arrival of our 1st grand […]

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  • MOVE 512

    MOVE 512

    Just a speed post this time…just FIVE 🔥 takeaways! FIRST…the Spotify playlist (they’re all good!): SECOND…the YouTube video playlist (haven’t done this in a while – be sure to check out HOT AIR BALLOON, SKYWALK, ALIVE, and SHIVERS): THIRD…if you’re in west Michigan, ride this one with me Monday, at the Mary Free […]

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  • Fire, Ready, Aim 492

    Fire, Ready, Aim 492

    Inspiration:  It’s the first weekend of the 2019 gun season for Michigan deer hunters, let’s hope the technique is Ready, Aim, FIRE!  That three-step technique works in the cycle studio too:  warm up, get psyched & get READY to ride…AIM your efforts to meet your goals…and when the time is right, let go and FIRE […]

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  • Cycling INSIDE the City 2019 – Grand Rapids, MI

    Cycling INSIDE the City 2019 – Grand Rapids, MI

    Cycling INSIDE the City …a guide to Studio Cycling in Greater Grand Rapids, MI NOTE: See the 2020 update HERE! Over the past 4 years, Grand Rapids has been BOOMING…housing, nightlife, cultural, business, recreation and FITNESS. It’s time to take another look at the world of Studio Cycling in Grand Rapids! ___________________________________________________________________________________ 4G Athletic – […]

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  • FTP 90: Endurance Cycling….at GRYMCA

    FTP 90: Endurance Cycling….at GRYMCA

    Introducing FTP 90 at the David D. Hunting YMCA – Grand Rapids, MI! FTP 90 is an 8-week Endurance Cycling experience that will kick-start your 2019 training and overall fitness…low-impact and BIG results! FTP is for Functional Threshold Power*…and 90 for the 90-minute ride and endurance training format. Classes are focused on endurance riding and make […]

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