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  • Rider’s Choice

    Rider’s Choice

    A quick poll…how do you ride when you Ride Inside?

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  • Indoor Cycling over the years…A DECADE IN THE SADDLE, still enjoying THE RIDE INSIDE!

    Indoor Cycling over the years…A DECADE IN THE SADDLE, still enjoying THE RIDE INSIDE!

    This week is my 10th anniversary of being a certified Indoor Cycling Instructor (and blogger).  And WOW, what a ride it has been! Coincidentally, Monday is also 10/10…PERFECT! My indoor cycling journey actually started a few months earlier than October 2012, while I was an adjunct finance professor at Davenport University.  The University purchased about […]

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  • So Good 534

    So Good 534

    The name of this says it all…Enjoy the Ride! Many current pop tracks and a few multiples for these artists: John Newman, Hey Violet, and Harry Styles. Also a couple extended tracks at 5+ minutes. CHECK OUT ALL OF THEM…have a great week! Don’t miss the featured news at the end of this post…tough times […]

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  • Coast (“NEVER COAST”) 533

    Coast (“NEVER COAST”) 533

    Hailee Steinfeld & Anderson .Paak’s recent track COAST, is the inspiration for this ride post and tribute to former favorite boutique cycle studio FLYWHEEL. Co-founded by boutique cycling “powerhouse” Ruth Zukerman, Flywheel “obtained a cultlike status among riders for its competitive leaderboard system, had 42 indoor cycling and barre studios around the United States, including […]

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  • The Future of Indoor Cycling – Part I of II

    The Future of Indoor Cycling – Part I of II

    While the next two posts are titled The FUTURE of Indoor Cycling, before looking into the Future, this PART I looks to the PAST and also the CURRENT state of indoor cycling as an essential fitness option for many…around the world!  Let’s go for a ride… While the earliest evidence of indoor cycling goes back […]

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  • TGIF!  Random thoughts about indoor cycling…

    TGIF! Random thoughts about indoor cycling…

    Without a guest post (again), I found SEVEN interesting resources and stories to share.  AND…if you are a regular indoor rider, and can put your thoughts on the keyboard…let’s connect!  Email me at, and we’ll set up a guest blog post on FOR THE RIDE INSIDE soon. #1 – Whether you’re a first timer, […]

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  • All This Power 476

    All This Power 476

    Inspiration:  It’s been a crazy couple of weeks…and about that long since my last post.  This profile has changed from a full hour, to a 45m ride…and back to a full hour, just in time for Monday morning Happy Hour (HOUR OF POWER) at the Wolverine Worldwide YMCA…less than 8 hours from now.  I don’t have […]

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  • No Regrets 466

    No Regrets 466

    Inspiration:  Ride with NO REGRETS!  Don’t regret missing the details below…including these FAVORITE (and all current) tracks from Warm-up to Cool-down:  Finest Hour, No Sleep, Freak, Survivor, Sucker, One, Reason, One Less Day (see the Video!), Give It To Me, Talk About It, No Regrets, Peer Pressure Balkan Disco, and Life Must Go On…All of […]

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  • Wednesday Poll: Theme Rides

    Wednesday Poll: Theme Rides

    On the eve of Valentine’s Day 2019, I got to thinking about theme rides for cycling class…a popular topic on various blogs and social media. IT’S WEDNESDAY, so here’s THE POLL…   A quick recap of results of the poll on Class Formats: By far, the classic “SPINNING” experience was the most popular format at 43% […]

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  • FIRST RIDE: Peloton

    FIRST RIDE: Peloton

    My FIRST RIDE review of Peloton’s in-home studio cycling workout…the bike and digital app!

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