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  • Good bye 2022… HELLO 2023!

    Good bye 2022… HELLO 2023!

    2022 Highlights, and what’s ahead FOR THE RIDE INSIDE – 2023 Happy New Year!

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  • Indoor Cycling over the years…A DECADE IN THE SADDLE, still enjoying THE RIDE INSIDE!

    Indoor Cycling over the years…A DECADE IN THE SADDLE, still enjoying THE RIDE INSIDE!

    This week is my 10th anniversary of being a certified Indoor Cycling Instructor (and blogger).  And WOW, what a ride it has been! Coincidentally, Monday is also 10/10…PERFECT! My indoor cycling journey actually started a few months earlier than October 2012, while I was an adjunct finance professor at Davenport University.  The University purchased about […]

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  • The STATE of INDOOR CYCLING / Metro Grand Rapids, MI – 2022 Edition

    The STATE of INDOOR CYCLING / Metro Grand Rapids, MI – 2022 Edition

    After skipping a 2021 update (thank you Coronavirus!), here’s my take on the state of indoor cycling in the greater Grand Rapids market. My purpose here is to feature organizations and local entrepreneurs that share my passion for indoor STUDIO cycling! Let’s just keep it real and also acknowledge there are many great AT HOME […]

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  • Magic- For the Ride Inside’s Steve Canum celebrates a birthday- new year & new motivation – Wellness Grind

    For the Ride Inside’s Steve Canum discusses the pillars of wellness, his journey to keep fit, and how he shares his passion for indoor cycling via his blog. — Read on THANKS SO MUCH WENDIE / WELLNESS GRIND FOR THE INVITATION TO JOIN YOU AND OTHERS FOR YOUR LAUNCH WEEK…BE WELL and BEST WISHES […]

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  • 2018…see ya!

    2018…see ya!

    2018 was a great year for Studio Cycling around the world…interest continues to grow at a strong pace with more boutique studios opening, more in-home fitness and live streamed classes (Peloton…I know of 3 people that took delivery in 2018), and new class formats.  I like this video post from the CEO of Peloton (December […]

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  • Nearly SIX years…and counting (and still Spinnin’)

    Nearly SIX years…and counting (and still Spinnin’)

    I just received my annual subscription invoice for my website domain name…reminding me that another year of studio cycling and blogging has quickly passed! This fall will mark the start of YEAR #7…should be the best year yet! Like many other bloggers and indoor cycling instructors, I often thought about wrapping up this gig and […]

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  • Are you a Spotify Premium subscriber (or planning to be)?

    Are you a Spotify Premium subscriber (or planning to be)?

    Open Spotify, search STEVE CANUM and my info should appear under PROFILES. Or better yet, you can follow this link: Spotify offers a variety of options…which change periodically, including: 30-day FREE Premium subscription 50% savings for Students A great Family Plan

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  • About this site…

    Welcome to FOR THE RIDE INSIDE! This site is home to my collection of music playlists and other resources for anyone interested in Indoor Cycling / Spinning®. To help you navigate the content here, just use the MENU link above. Browse my music playlists, feedback, class schedules, articles and other related web resources. Many playlist […]

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  • Ride Requests

    Ride Requests

    Do you have a great track on YOUR playlist that’s ride worthy? Comment below with details about the title, artist and genre. What is your favorite terrain, movement/position during your ride…hills, flat road, seated, standing, sprints, jumps, running with resistance? Comment below. Do you have a suggested ride profile that would work well with a […]

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  • 2013 in review

    2013 in review

    The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog. Here’s an excerpt: The Louvre Museum has 8.5 million visitors per year. This blog was viewed about 140,000 times in 2013. If it were an exhibit at the Louvre Museum, it would take about 6 days for that many people to see […]

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