Inspiration: Lots of inspiration for a POWER-full ride today! And if you haven't heard or seen the RISE track / video yet, check it out below. August will be a great month to focus on YOUR POWER...don't let the next 31 days slip by without being more mindful in your class work. Have a great … Continue reading POWER 336

Something Wild 335

Inspiration: Looking for something WILD? Go for a ride on the WILD SIDE! Check out this mix with several new tracks from a variety of artists...many you may not have heard of. Thanks again SPOTIFY New Music Friday and Discover Weekly for the ideas. This ride has some great remixes and lots of quicker flat … Continue reading Something Wild 335

BOSS 334

Inspiration: The long summer holiday weekend is here, AND a week off work...one less BOSS to deal with this week, and lots of time to post some playlists that have been sitting on Spotify for a few weeks now. Here's a fresh 63m ride playlist and brief ride profile to help torch some holiday calories. … Continue reading BOSS 334