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  • A Look Back…#315 February 2016

    A Look Back…#315 February 2016

    From Rolling Stone, February 23, 2016: 10 New Artists You Need to Know: February 2016 I only know about Kaleo and Way Down We Go (check it out if you haven’t listened yet)…but haven’t heard much since 2016. Hey Hey Hallelujah (for the ride inside)…this was my favorite ride and playlist of the 29 […]

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  • Coming Home (for the HOLIDAYS) 350

    Coming Home (for the HOLIDAYS) 350

    Inspiration: Last post of the year! This is actually a 60m variation of the most viewed FOR THE RIDE INSIDE post of the year Pray #314. I’m looking forward to the next several days and won’t be going back the office until 2017! Lots of family time, and my girls are COMING HOME for a […]

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  • Just Hold On 349

    Just Hold On 349

    Inspiration: No Holiday / Christmas theme rides this year…but a fresh mix for the Holiday class schedule. Check out the rare Taylor Swift track on Spotify (actually its a ZAYN track featuring T Swift). The profile for this ride includes opportunities for all nine of the SPINNING movements: seated & standing flat, seated & standing […]

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  • Ride…2016 Favorite Tracks 348

    Ride…2016 Favorite Tracks 348

    Inspiration: ‘Tis the season…for all the “BEST OF” playlists, so here’s mine, and a few other reflections on 2016. These are all memorable, favorite (and often popular) tracks from all my playlists this past year. Some have been overplayed by now, others underplayed…but they’re all good for everything from WARM UP to COOL DOWN and […]

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  • The Greatest 347

    The Greatest 347

    Inspiration: The year is just about over, and I’m still working on that perfect playlist…The Greatest mix of music for your Greatest journey (and workout!). I found some newer SANTANA on Spotify…check out both tracks that actually work well as one. A couple ride-worthy tracks by MUSE and OF MONSTERS AND MEN. I’m listening to […]

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  • Do It Right 343

    Do It Right 343

    Inspiration: Where did the month go? Here’s my last playlist / ride profile post for September…heading into to OCTOBER! This full hour mix includes many new tracks and few from the 90’s to fuel your ride. Hot tracks to check out: Born to Win, Do It Right, Girls Like, Save Yourself, Push + Pull (perfect […]

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  • Class Schedule: Fall 2016

    Class Schedule: Fall 2016

    Back to Class! After 3 months of summer fun and freedom, time to get back into a routine…cooler weather and steamy cycle studios. Indoor Cycling continues to be the GO TO workout for intense interval training, powerful cardio, calorie torching group exercise programs. In the Greater Grand Rapids area, the BEST offering of indoor cycling […]

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  • Undefeated 339

    Undefeated 339

    Inspiration: Here’s to the Summer 2016 Olympians…and the many UNDEFEATED Americans this year! Here are some tracks that will inspire an OLYMPIC performance (GO FOR THE GOLD!). Check out the awesome new release from Lindsey Stirling, I’ve included just two tracks (could have added a couple more). Other powerful tracks include: Nothing To Lose, Into […]

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  • Better Days 337

    Better Days 337

    Inspiration: Every day is BETTER when you start with an early morning ride…INSIDE! At the Wolverine Worldwide Family YMCA, we LOVE Monday mornings in the cycle studio and this was our ride profile / playlist for the 5:10am class today. Check out all the tracks, including these NEW (at least new to me) tracks for […]

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  • POWER 336

    POWER 336

    Inspiration: Lots of inspiration for a POWER-full ride today! And if you haven’t heard or seen the RISE track / video yet, check it out below. August will be a great month to focus on YOUR POWER…don’t let the next 31 days slip by without being more mindful in your class work. Have a great […]

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