Here We Come 441

Inspiration: This is PRE-LAUNCH week for two updated studios / studio cycling programs at the YMCA of Greater Grand Rapids. Two of the five branches are in the process of updating the studio, equipment and instruction methods this week…kicking off the new program next Monday, October 8th! The new equipment is LifeFitness / IC-6 indoor […]

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Fearless…Stronger…Better 440

Inspiration: The full hour ride covers all nine SPINNING movements and should torch 100’s of calories along the way. A strong EDM spin on this one too…4 tracks from David Guetta’s 7 that hit Spotify last Friday. If you can’t checkout all the tracks here, then listen to my top 5: Burn Out, Just a […]

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Imagination 438

Inspiration: With each ride I routinely remind riders about the power of visualization, along with other prompts to check form, comfort level, cadence, etc. It’s remarkable what the combined impact of music and imagination in a group exercise setting can have on your effort and output. A web search on this topic will return several […]

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Are You Ready 437

Inspiration: Ready or NOT…end of summer is near and about time to get back in that routine of things. It’a all good though, just ENJOY THE RIDE! Enjoy these tunes too…like the opening track from Jess Glynne (my current addiction!), Shame, Best I Ever Had (a regular repeater), Ching Ching, a new Calvin Harris / […]

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Built for Pain 436

Inspiration: This 45 minute ride isn’t too painful…unless you want it to be (it’s YOUR ride!). Some great music will help take the edge off…check out: X, DJs Gotta Dance More, Built for Pain and the closer…All Our Little Talks! Genre: Alternative, EDM, Pop, Rock Approximate time: 48 minutes Playlist & Summary Ride Profile: Warm […]

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Move 435

Inspiration: Keep on MOVING! Genre: Alternative, EDM, Pop, Rock Approximate time: 47 minutes Playlist & Summary Ride Profile: Warm up – SoulMate / Justin Timberlake Seated Flat / Standing Run – Neon Lights / YAX.X, HiRAPARK Alt Seated / Standing Climb – Dive / MIKAEL, Emelie Cyreus… Quick Seated Flat with Accelerations – Toys In […]

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