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  • There’s a Hole in my Heart

    There’s a Hole in my Heart

    It’s been a year…and that has nothing to do with the pandemic. Here’s to many great years ahead!

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  • Us: Valentine’s Day Theme Ride 407

    Us: Valentine’s Day Theme Ride 407

    Inspiration: I picked up a class on the 14th…so here’s the Valentine’s Day theme ride. I found a good mix of current and classic tracks (a few from my last post)…this one just a little more sweet and spice! Check out the two tracks with Quavo, the Julia Michaels track from Fifty Shades Freed and […]

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  • Heart Beat Here 406

    Heart Beat Here 406

    Inspiration: The American Heart Association designates February as HEART MONTH. As STUDIO CYCLING instructors, coaches, and participants, we know everything that Studio Cycling brings to the table when it comes to a great cardiovascular fitness program. Notable tracks…Us, home (NBC teaser for RISE), Are You (50 Shades…), Don’t Stay, Stronger Than I’ve Ever Been (the […]

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  • Dream On (Classic Rock Endurance Ride) 240

    Dream On (Classic Rock Endurance Ride) 240

    Inspiration: Yesterday was another 90 minute Endurance class at the Y, and this week was a classic rock theme with 16 tracks from 1968-1981 (all but 2 from the 70’s). Most tracks running 5-8 minutes long from these classic artists: Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, Boston, Journey, Queen, Eric Clapton, Fleetwood Mac, Kansas, Pink Floyd, Heart, The […]

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  • Cupid Shuffle 042

    Cupid Shuffle 042

    Winter 2013 SPIN #19 (48 min) (UPDATED PLAYLIST FOR 2014…see SPOTIFY) Listen at Spotify: Can’t say that I remember this one (2007), but it works for a good JUMP track on the Valentine’s Day SPIN playlist…

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