Fire’t Up 490

Inspiration:  There's a chill in the air outside...things are heating up inside and we're having a good ride with this new mix.  There are two versions posted below, the summary ride profile is for the 45 minute class.  The mix is named for the Brantley Gilbert track...a little something for country music fans.  Plenty of … Continue reading Fire’t Up 490

Spooky Scary Skeletons (Halloween Theme Tracks 2018)

Maybe some of these tracks will rattle your bones for a Halloween-theme ride this month! Mix & match with your personal favorites and Enjoy the Ride! On Spotify:

Hard Drivin’ Ridin’ – 101 tracks

Bonus post today...😎 No ride profiles, videos or news posts, just this 6 and a half hour Spotify collection that will destroy your ride! From ALL TIME LOW to ZZ WARD, and everything in between. Hold on tight...Enjoy the Ride! Steve 🚴🏻🎶😅

A Look Back: #282 / September 2015

It’s so easy to pack a ride playlist with the latest tracks to hit I’m taking time each month to look back at ROCKSTAR rides from past years. Check out this momentum building mix from 2015.

Heart Beat Here 406

Inspiration: The American Heart Association designates February as HEART MONTH. As STUDIO CYCLING instructors, coaches, and participants, we know everything that Studio Cycling brings to the table when it comes to a great cardiovascular fitness program. Notable tracks...Us, home (NBC teaser for RISE), Are You (50 Shades...), Don't Stay, Stronger Than I've Ever Been (the … Continue reading Heart Beat Here 406

Not Giving In 379

Inspiration: NO...NEVER! We're NOT giving in. This is my favorite ride mix of the month (so what if it's just the first of the month). For the kiddos it's back to school, for the rest of us it's BACK TO YOUR HARDCORE WORKOUT ROUTINE, and that includes those 45-60+ minute Spin classes! Here's a ride … Continue reading Not Giving In 379

Let’s Hurt Tonight 370

Inspiration: Make it HURT SO about 48 minutes or less! A few current pop tracks along with some lesser know music to fuel your ride. Genre: Alternative, EDM, Pop, Rock Approximate time: 48 minutes SPINlist and Summary Profile: Warm Up - Wishing Seed (Remix) / RYNO Seated / Standing Flat - Came Here For … Continue reading Let’s Hurt Tonight 370

Ride 366

Inspiration: Did you happen to catch the story on NPR All Things Considered this week...the one about an inspirational story from 25 years ago in the center of the Rodney King LA riots? If's your chance to take 8 minutes and hear the story...(there's no indoor cycling connection, but an example of the POWER … Continue reading Ride 366

A Warrior’s Call 342

Inspiration: TGIF...Happy FriYAH! This ride profile and playlist is for all the Warriors ready for another Weekend. A Warrior's Call is named for the Volbeat track and is an hour long mix with lots of favorite repeats. A few new tracks include these great finds on Spotify: Hurts, Crystallize (Mashup / Remix) and Human...check them … Continue reading A Warrior’s Call 342

This Is Gonna Hurt: Super Bowl 50 Mix 313

Inspiration: The 50th installment of American Football's SUPER BOWL is less than a week away...better get a jump start on burning those calories! Lady Gaga, Coldplay and Beyoncé will perform during this year's big event and are included in this game-theme mix. Enjoy the game (and the ride inside)! (UPDATED WITH SUMMARY RIDE PROFILE - … Continue reading This Is Gonna Hurt: Super Bowl 50 Mix 313