What You Wanted 327

Inspiration: I've always been a big fan and follower of Spotify's New Music Friday...but Mondays on Spotify are great too, with their Discovery Weekly feature. It's like the "RADIO" feature, but you get your own custom Playlist available each week...a new playlist with 30 tracks (nearly 2 hours of music) you are sure to enjoy. … Continue reading What You Wanted 327


Where I Wanna Be 325 (and Flywheel update)

Inspiration: The theme for this ride was a recurring theme for the weekend. Starting with WHERE I WANNA BE (WIWB) on Friday mornings for my 9AM ride (the Cycle Studio at the Mary Free Bed YMCA)...Followed by WIWB for an impromptu weekend getaway (in Downtown Chicago)...Followed by WIWB for Big City Indoor Cycling (at the … Continue reading Where I Wanna Be 325 (and Flywheel update)