What You Wanted 327

Inspiration: I've always been a big fan and follower of Spotify's New Music Friday...but Mondays on Spotify are great too, with their Discovery Weekly feature. It's like the "RADIO" feature, but you get your own custom Playlist available each week...a new playlist with 30 tracks (nearly 2 hours of music) you are sure to enjoy. … Continue reading What You Wanted 327

Class Schedule: Spring 2016

Spring has sprung throughout Michigan...LET'S RIDE! WOLVERINE WORLDWIDE YMCA / Belmont - MON 5:10 - 5:55AM ...we LOVE MONDAYS more when we go for an EARLY ride inside - THR 5:10 - 6:10AM ...the early "HAPPY HOUR" DAVID D. HUNTING YMCA / Downtown Grand Rapids - SAT 9:15 - 10:00AM (rotation schedule) - SUN 1:15 … Continue reading Class Schedule: Spring 2016

Get Ready To Explode 326

Inspiration: For this ride I used longer tracks, 7-9 minutes, for more of an endurance theme...but no worries, still some intense sprinting to do this time. For the 4 Minutes track I used a drill from previous classes...the 1st minute is all seated, the 7th minute is all standing...the 2nd - 6th minute segments are … Continue reading Get Ready To Explode 326

Where I Wanna Be 325 (and Flywheel update)

Inspiration: The theme for this ride was a recurring theme for the weekend. Starting with WHERE I WANNA BE (WIWB) on Friday mornings for my 9AM ride (the Cycle Studio at the Mary Free Bed YMCA)...Followed by WIWB for an impromptu weekend getaway (in Downtown Chicago)...Followed by WIWB for Big City Indoor Cycling (at the … Continue reading Where I Wanna Be 325 (and Flywheel update)

My TOP 5 Blogs For YOUR Ride Inside

With this post, I celebrate fellow fitness / indoor cycling bloggers! There are many more than the ones included here, but these are my TOP FIVE. If you haven’t checked them out yet…start today. You can also find many on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram. For each one I include a brief introduction, a link … Continue reading My TOP 5 Blogs For YOUR Ride Inside

Sunday Funnies:  The Blacklist update

For any other Blacklist followers, Season 3 resumes this week (but you already knew that).   I remembered a scene from earlier this season and managed to get the clip on YouTube.  If you don't watch NBC's Blacklist (and you should), but you like SNL's Leslie Jones or enjoy a little Spin Class humor...CHECK THIS … Continue reading Sunday Funnies:  The Blacklist update

You and I 324

Inspiration: I used this for our 60 minute ride this morning...and will again for another studio tomorrow! A great RISE 'n SHINE ride with a good music mix and all 9 "SPINNING MOVEMENTS": - Seated Flat - Standing Flat - Seated Hill - Standing Hill - Jumps - Jumps on a Hill - Sprints - … Continue reading You and I 324