Get Ready To Explode 326

Inspiration: For this ride I used longer tracks, 7-9 minutes, for more of an endurance theme…but no worries, still some intense sprinting to do this time. For the 4 Minutes track I used a drill from previous classes…the 1st minute is all seated, the 7th minute is all standing…the 2nd – 6th minute segments are progressively less seated and more standing in 10 second increments. I used this playlist / profile for two classes this week and got some great feedback…check it out!
Genre: Alternative, EDM, Pop
Approximate time: 64 minutes
Ride Profile & Tunes:
Warm Up / Seated & Standing Flat – Memories / Romeofoxtrott (7:39)

Seated Flat w/ Sprints – Ghost Town (Steven Redant Remix) / Adam Lambert (7:03)
Seated / Standing Hill – Twilight Zone / Golden Earring (7:58)

Continued Steep Hill Climb (Seated / Standing) – Riders On The Storm / The Doors (7:07)
Tabata Sprint Sequences – Get Ready To Explode (Alphazone Remix) / DJ Kim (7:23)
Seated / Standing Flat (7-minute Switch-up) 4 Minutes (Peter Saves Paris Remix) / Madonna (ft. Justin Timberlake & Timbaland) (8:53)

Seated Climb with Standing attacks – Papercut / Zedd (ft. Troye Sivan (7:23)
Quick Seated Flat with long Sprint segments – Sandstorm / Darude (7:26)
Cool down and Stretch – Progress / Collin McLoughlin (4:33)

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