Where I Wanna Be 325 (and Flywheel update)

Inspiration: The theme for this ride was a recurring theme for the weekend. Starting with WHERE I WANNA BE (WIWB) on Friday mornings for my 9AM ride (the Cycle Studio at the Mary Free Bed YMCA)…Followed by WIWB for an impromptu weekend getaway (in Downtown Chicago)…Followed by WIWB for Big City Indoor Cycling (at the Gold Coast Flywheel)…Followed by WIWB for a 30th wedding anniversary (with my wife Bonnie)!

About the Chicago – Gold Coast Flywheel: This was the first time here since my first FLY-45 ride just over 2 years ago, when I posted this TEST RIDE review. With just a few changes since then (a new FLY logo design, the addition of three showers, and two SOUL CYCLE studios to the north and south)…Flywheel has the best thing going for Big City Indoor Cycling! Instructor Jeremy is great, the music / sound system powerful and loaded with beat for the ride, and a well maintained studio after nearly 3 years of traffic. The Torq board and mobile app are highlights of the Flywheel experience. Next time you have the chance…go to a class (first ride is on Flywheel, after that $28 / drop in class…$270 / month for an unlimited plan).

Other Chicago HOT SPOTS this trip: RPM (not the Les Mill’s variety…the popular Italian restaurant: “RPM Italian marks the first collaboration between partners RJ, Jerrod and Molly Melman, celebrity couple Bill & Giuliana Rancic and acclaimed chef Doug Psaltis”,,,from the RPM website. Also check out a great Whole Foods alternative: Mariano’s Fresh Market, they’re all over Chicagoland and we will be returning to their store just a short walk from Millenium Park.

About this ride / playlist: A 16-track mix of new and classic tunes from several genres for a mixed terrain. Hocus Pocus, from the HBO Vinyl Soundtrack…Is She With You?, from Batman v. Superman Soundtrack…Where We Belong, from HUGEL (sounds like Clean Bandit)…Let It Go, a current pop track by James Bay…and a dozen more worth listening and riding to.

Genre: Alternative, EDM, Pop, Rock
Approximate time: 62 minutes
Ride Profile & Tunes:
Warm Up – Where I Wanna Be / ARIZONA
Seated / Standing Flat – When I Fall / Ali Brustofski (feat. Veslocki)
Seated / Standing Climb – What We Live For / American Authors
Seated Flat with Accelerations – Hocus Pocus / Focus
Seated / Standing Hill & Running with Resistance – Making Me Dizzy / Tiesto
Quick Seated Flat – Oh No / Goodbye Jane
Seated / Standing Flat – Where We Belong / HUGEL
Jumps – The Missing / Cassius
Quick Flat with Random Sprints – Is She With You? / Hans Zimmer
Running with Resistance – No Money / Galantis
Seated / Standing Hill – Blood On The Sand / Thrice
Seated Sprints – Sugar, You / Oh Honey
Seated Hill and MORE Running with Resistance – Paradise / Benny Benassi (feat. Chris Brown)
Seated Hill and OPTIONAL Figure Eights – Real Love (5erg Remix) / Clean Bandit
Sprints – Never Alone / Chachi (feat. Natascia Bessez)
Cool Down & Stretch – Let It Go / James Bay

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FLY photos:
IMG_2501 IMG_2489

IMG_2496 IMG_2495 IMG_2494

8 thoughts on “Where I Wanna Be 325 (and Flywheel update)

      1. I’m sure you’ve heard it since you’re the music guru…but ‘No Worries’- Disciples & David Guetta…I’ve been waiting for them to come out with something else together! Hot track alert!

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