Move 341

Inspiration: Another Monday…MOVE IT! All 9 Spinning movements are covered in this 60m ride. Also more NEW MUSIC…lots from the recent Spotify New Music Friday! Have a great week and Labor Day holiday. Genre: Alternative, EDM, Pop, Rock Approximate time: 61 minutes Ride Profile & Tunes: Warm Up – Mercy / Shawn Mendes Seated / […]

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Make It Happen 340

Inspiration: It’s been a busy blog posting weekend…along with a few other OFF LINE activities this weekend. I used this mix for the 8AM class at the Spartan Stores Family YMCA today…was a soaker and lots of good feedback from my SUNDAY FUNDAY riders (Sundays are always more FUN when you get rolling with an […]

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Undefeated 339

Inspiration: Here’s to the Summer 2016 Olympians…and the many UNDEFEATED Americans this year! Here are some tracks that will inspire an OLYMPIC performance (GO FOR THE GOLD!). Check out the awesome new release from Lindsey Stirling, I’ve included just two tracks (could have added a couple more). Other powerful tracks include: Nothing To Lose, Into […]

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Soundtrack… 338

Inspiration: Just like the importance of a solid SOUNDTRACK in a movie or television show…a good ride becomes a great adventure with a solid SOUNDTRACK (aka Playlist, Tracklist, SpinList). Here’s a good one! I’ve used both variations…the full 60m mix and a shortened 45m version. Either way, there are plenty of calories to be burned […]

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Better Days 337

Inspiration: Every day is BETTER when you start with an early morning ride…INSIDE! At the Wolverine Worldwide Family YMCA, we LOVE Monday mornings in the cycle studio and this was our ride profile / playlist for the 5:10am class today. Check out all the tracks, including these NEW (at least new to me) tracks for […]

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