Now that it’s been a year, here are some reflections on Spinning® and becoming a certified class instructor. I’ll never forget that first class at the Ramblewood Tennis & Fitness Center in suburban Grand Rapids, MI. It was the mid 1990’s and a new exercise class was sweeping the nation…Spinning®. After the preliminary business of signing a safety waiver (after all, Spinning® can be “an intense cardiovascular workout”), buying the class punch card and getting equipped with the cycling gear, I (and wife, Bonnie) we’re ready to experience Dutchie’s class. After many other classes, in a variety of clubs not much has changed: loud & inspiring music, chilled (then steamy) dark studios filled with passionate indoor riders. More recently, I got back into a Spinning® routine of 2-3 classes a week at the Davenport University Student Center. I looked into another path for the indoor cycling enthusiast…getting certified via the Mad Dogg Athletics instructor program so I could teach classes

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