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  • HOME…for the Holidays!

    HOME…for the Holidays!

    Just a quick post with this HOME-grown playlist for the season! Just over an hour of ‘HOME’ themed tracks…ONLY A FEW ARE CHRISTMAS-themed! Enjoy the mix, enjoy the Holidays, and always… ENJOY THE RIDE 🚴🎶😅

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  • Howl At The Moon 🌔🌕🌖 501

    Howl At The Moon 🌔🌕🌖 501

    Inspiration:  Friday night 1/10/2020…the first full moon of the new decade will surely bring the wolves out! In Grand Rapids, it’s also the public reveal of the newest cycle studio to hit the fitness, health & wellness scene…LUNAR CYCLE!  Over the past several weeks I’ve been working with 10 other fantastic trainers / instructors and the […]

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  • Elevate 452

    Elevate 452

    Inspiration:  Just a few hills on the profile this time!  ELEVATE yourself with this ride and these tracks!  HAPPY NEW YEAR. Genre: EDM, Pop, Rock Duration: 48 minutes Summary Ride Profile & Playlist:  Warm up – Insomnia / ZAYN Seated / Standing Flat – This Is Love / Tritonal, Chris Ramos, Shanahan Seated / Standing Hill […]

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  • Sweeter:  LIVE / Endurance Ride 451

    Sweeter: LIVE / Endurance Ride 451

    Inspiration:  This really is a SWEETER ride…and a great way to close out 2018.  19 live-recorded tracks…90-minute ride…mixed genre and several decades of amazing music.  Concerts recorded at venues across the country…New York, Detroit, Miami, Red Rocks, Redwoods and LA. Pick and choose your favorite tracks for a 45 or 60-minute ride, but be sure […]

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  • Shinin’ Bright 397

    Shinin’ Bright 397

    Inspiration: HAPPY NEW YEAR! Just two days in, but we’re off to a great start and SHININ’ BRIGHT! I’ve not been in the gym since Christmas Eve, the holidays have bumped me off track, but today it’s all good and was back at the Spartan Stores YMCA for a back to back 2-45 minute ride […]

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  • (Twenty) Seventeen 352

    (Twenty) Seventeen 352

    Inspiration: Our NEW YEAR is off to a great start…two holidays to kick off 2017: the actual NYD on Sunday and the observed holiday today, Monday the 2nd! I have a rough plan for the year, making for the best one yet (despite the neah’ sayers!) More balance (literally, with plans for at least one […]

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  • Welcome To The New…Year! 351

    Welcome To The New…Year! 351

    Inspiration: WELCOME 2017…we have so much to do this year! Let’s start off right with a powerful ride INSIDE! Many are happy to see ’16 off, hopeful for a much better year ahead. Actually, I thought 2016 was a pretty good year on many fronts…personally, 2016 brought us: a new home, a full year on […]

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  • Let It Rock:  DTGR NYE ’16 Mix 304

    Let It Rock: DTGR NYE ’16 Mix 304

    Inspiration: HAPPY NEW YEAR…almost. This mix is a combination of a few 2015 hits and favorites from 4 artists / groups that will be in Downtown Grand Rapids for a West Michigan NYE celebration: Kevin Rudolf, Carolina Liar, Five Knives and Tryon. I don’t know much about Tryon, but I found a great track for Tabatas […]

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