Sweeter: LIVE / Endurance Ride 451

Inspiration:  This really is a SWEETER ride...and a great way to close out 2018.  19 live-recorded tracks...90-minute ride...mixed genre and several decades of amazing music.  Concerts recorded at venues across the country...New York, Detroit, Miami, Red Rocks, Redwoods and LA. Pick and choose your favorite tracks for a 45 or 60-minute ride, but be sure … Continue reading Sweeter: LIVE / Endurance Ride 451

Test Ride: Full Psycle – Chicago (Lincoln Park)

HAPPY 2015! The new year is off to a good (but cold & windy) start, and 2014 ended on a high note with a short and busy visit to my favorite big city in the Midwest...CHICAGO! We stayed with my youngest daughter's boyfriend who just moved into his new (and awesome!) studio apartment just minutes … Continue reading Test Ride: Full Psycle – Chicago (Lincoln Park)

How Come You’re Not Here 164

Inspiration: This 45 minute mix packs in enough high energy tracks to make up for the less than full hour ride. Some returning favorites include: Incredible, Take Me Home and Faith. Genre: Alternative, Dance, Pop, Rock Approximate time: 48 minutes Ride Playlist: Preview / Purchase at iTunes: Stay Here - Live It Up Incredible (feat. … Continue reading How Come You’re Not Here 164

Indoor Cycling Studios – Made in the USA

After my daughter came back from a recent trip to Traverse City (a popular lakeside, northern Michigan vacation/tourist spot)...I thought this post would be a great way to highlight some of the great studios throughout the states (with the help of anyone following this blog!). Here are a few starters...I'll update this page from time … Continue reading Indoor Cycling Studios – Made in the USA