Come Alive 224

Inspiration: For this mix...I pulled about half of the tracks from the archive, the others are new tracks from the latest NEW MUSIC TUESDAY on SPOTIFY. Lorde's Yellow Flicker Beat (from latest Hunger Games) was performed live on the AMA's. Check out Elephante's Shake The Earth, featuring Lyon Hart...and B.o.B.'s Coastline. Enjoy the 60+ minute … Continue reading Come Alive 224


Schedule: Fall/Winter 2014

All over Greater Grand Rapids...the YMCA is a great place to get your fitness fix! SOUTHEAST YMCA - MON 5:30-6:25PM - TUE 6:00-6:45AM WOLVERINE WORLD WIDE FAMILY YMCA - WED 6:00-6:45AM (rotation schedule) - THR 5:10-6:10AM (rotation schedule) DAVID D. HUNTING YMCA - SAT 8:00-8:45AM (Beginner Cycle class - rotation schedule) - SAT 9:15-10:00AM (rotation … Continue reading Schedule: Fall/Winter 2014