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  • Come Alive 224

    Come Alive 224

    Inspiration: For this mix…I pulled about half of the tracks from the archive, the others are new tracks from the latest NEW MUSIC TUESDAY on SPOTIFY. Lorde’s Yellow Flicker Beat (from latest Hunger Games) was performed live on the AMA’s. Check out Elephante’s Shake The Earth, featuring Lyon Hart…and B.o.B.’s Coastline. Enjoy the 60+ minute […]

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  • To the Hills 188

    To the Hills 188

    Inspiration: Have had many hills to climb this past week…time for the kind of hills you tackle in the Cycle Studio! A few sprints along the way, but this ride is loaded with all sorts of hills climbs. The track by Rudimental will get your WATTs up! Phillip Phillip’s latest includes a great track for […]

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  • I’m Ready 187

    I’m Ready 187

    Inspiration: Ready for what? Many things, like: summer, another long weekend, my next Cycle class at the Y, AND another Birthday…my 51st is tomorrow, June 2nd. About the ride playlist…many new tracks that I picked up while visiting my girls in the Detroit area over the long 4-day weekend. Heard a lot of GOODBYE on […]

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