Stronger Than We Think 354

Inspiration: It’s so true that we are STRONGER than we think. This mix and ride profile will help riders discover their inner strength. I’ve used this a couple times over the past few days and have gotten some great feedback. The overall intensity rises and the hills become more challenging as you progress through the […]

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Move Your Body 353

Inspiration: The first Saturday of 2017…preparing for WEEK TWO of the new year. Let’s GET UP, GET OUT and GET SOME! I think it’ll be a great year of music on SPOTIFY…and another great year for Indoor Cycling. More new music hit the wire this week, including some Sheeran & Sia. A new movie in […]

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(Twenty) Seventeen 352

Inspiration: Our NEW YEAR is off to a great start…two holidays to kick off 2017: the actual NYD on Sunday and the observed holiday today, Monday the 2nd! I have a rough plan for the year, making for the best one yet (despite the neah’ sayers!) More balance (literally, with plans for at least one […]

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Welcome To The New…Year! 351

Inspiration: WELCOME 2017…we have so much to do this year! Let’s start off right with a powerful ride INSIDE! Many are happy to see ’16 off, hopeful for a much better year ahead. Actually, I thought 2016 was a pretty good year on many fronts…personally, 2016 brought us: a new home, a full year on […]

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