Move Your Body 353

Inspiration: The first Saturday of 2017…preparing for WEEK TWO of the new year. Let’s GET UP, GET OUT and GET SOME! I think it’ll be a great year of music on SPOTIFY…and another great year for Indoor Cycling. More new music hit the wire this week, including some Sheeran & Sia. A new movie in theaters this weekend too…Hidden Figures, has a great soundtrack by Pharrell Williams. Crave is a favorite that was released weeks ago and is a repeat on this mix. Some other good Soundtrack finds: Dona Nobis Pacem 2 from HBO’s The Leftovers and Fresh Blood from HBO’s Docu-drama The Jinx. Time to get ready for the 9AM class…have a GREAT WEEKEND!
Genre: Alternative, Classical, EDM, Pop, Rock, Soundtrack
Approximate time: 61 minutes
SPINlist and Summary Profile:
Warm Up – Shape of You / Ed Sheeran
Seated / Standing Flat – United We Dance / Vicetone
Seated / Standing Hill – Hymn For The Weekend (Seeb Remix) / Coldplay
Running with Resistance – Blame (Dave Winnel Remix) / Bastille
Seated / Standing Flat (Leg Drill) – Love Spreadin’ / Josep
Jumps – Man Like That / Gin Wigmore
Quick Seated / Standing Hills – Thunderstruck / AC/DC
Quick Seated Flat – Echizo / Santana
Seated Flat w/ increasing cadence – Dona Nobis Pacem 2 / Max Richter
Steep Seated Climb – Fresh Blood / Eels
Jumps – Crave / Pharrell Williams
Seated Flat – Smokin’ / Boston
Running with Resistance – Not Dead yet / Tommie Sunshine (ft. Michael Bernard Fitzgerald)
Sprints – Move Your Body / Sia
Cool down & Stretch – Say You Won’t Let Go / James Arthur

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3 thoughts on “Move Your Body 353

  1. Thanks for another great cycle list suggestion. Hey I have one for you! I am doing Figure 8s tomorrow in my 5:30 a.m. class and I found this song. It could be used for a number of moves…I am using it for a fast seated climb..higher RPM but against resistance.
    The Lonely Goatherd by Lora Munro (4:19). 🙂


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