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Tag: 2017

  • Break The Rules 395

    Break The Rules 395

    Inspiration: MERRY CHRISTMAS! Genre: Alternative, EDM, Pop, Rock. Approximate time: 49 minutes SPINlist and Summary Profile: Warm up – Rewrite The Stars / Zac Efron w/ Zendaya Seated / Standing Flat – Coming Home / Sheppard Rolling Hills – Lay By Me / firekid Standing Climb – American Soul / U2 Jumps – Go / […]

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  • 2017 Twelve Days of Fitness – A Wellness Challenge

    2017 Twelve Days of Fitness – A Wellness Challenge

    This holiday season, don’t let the busy time distract you from the things that keep you WELL and able to enjoy this month with friends and family! One way to help keep that focus and challenge yourself to be more MINDFUL is to celebrate the TWELVE DAYS OF FITNESS. For these days from December 11th […]

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  • Feels Great 390

    Feels Great 390

    Inspiration: Wishing you a GREAT week, holiday, and ride this Thanksgiving week / weekend! New & Notable tracks include: Canyons, One Foot, Uh Huh, Wolves, Better Than I Used To Be…from ROZES, WALK THE MOON, Somewhere Else, Selena Gomez/Marshmello, and Mat Kearney/AFSHeeN THANKS to everyone who shares my enthusiasm and passion for Studio Cycling (and […]

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  • Good To Go 388

    Good To Go 388

    Inspiration: Other than the current pop track Mi Gente, this playlist is loaded with newer or lesser known tracks…a strong Alternative music theme, and a GOOD TO GO mix of terrain and movements. In addition to the 60 minute Spotify link, a 45 minute version and a full 60 minute YouTube Playlist with all 17 […]

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  • Happy Hour 386

    Happy Hour 386

    Inspiration: A full 60-minute cycle class is MY HAPPY HOUR…5AM, 9AM, Noon or 6PM, I’ll take it whenever I can get it (see the track by Robert Finley). Next Happy Hour…Saturday AM @ The Y! Here’s to your HOUR of HAPPY in the Cycle Studio. Enjoy the Ride! Genre: Alternative, EDM, Pop, Rock Approximate time: […]

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  • Back From the Dead: Halloween ’17 Theme Ride 384

    Back From the Dead: Halloween ’17 Theme Ride 384

    Inspiration: Halloween Theme Ride! This is just a short post with a link to my Spotify Playlist for Halloween 2017! Tracks are in no particular order, no summary profile either…just a few tracks you might want to include in your scariest ride of the year. Genre: Variety Approximate time: 63 minutes On Spotify:

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  • ROCKtober v17.1 382

    ROCKtober v17.1 382

    Inspiration: So here’s the first installment of an all-Rock ride…please send along suggestions for more tracks that I can include in other playlists later this month. Also later this month…something for the 31st of ROCKtober! Enjoy the Ride! Genre: Rock Approximate time: 64 minutes SPINlist and Summary Profile: Warm Up – Ain’t No Rest for […]

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  • Let Me Go 380

    Let Me Go 380

    Inspiration: This one started out as mix and profile for a full hour class, but I ended up cutting a few tracks so I could work it into a 45 minute class. Both versions are posted here and both include my favorites: the opener by Alan Parsons Project (a remix), the title track just out […]

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  • Glorious 371

    Glorious 371

    Inspiration: Since my recent trip to Chicago and class at Studio Three, I’ve been planning to use the latest Macklemore track (the one that Erin used for her class). So here’s my GLORIOUS RIDE! Lots of good ones (Brother, Marrakech, Champion, Reverse, Pray to God Remix, Nice2KnoU (Repeat), Hit Me Back) packed in this 60 […]

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  • TNT (70’s Theme Ride) 363

    TNT (70’s Theme Ride) 363

    Inspiration: The Friday Eve class has been requesting a 70’s Theme ride for a couple weeks, so I finally put this one together…LET’S RIDE! Genre: Pop, Rock, 70’s Approximate time: 62 minutes SPINlist and Summary Profile: Warm Up – Do It Again / Steely Dan Seated / Standing Flat – Free Ride / The Edgar […]

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