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  • FIRST RIDE: Vibe Ride Detroit

    FIRST RIDE: Vibe Ride Detroit

    This is my 3rd visit and review of several indoor cycling studios in Metro Detroit (about 20+ of them in all)…and the only one in the heart of downtown Detroit, not far from the Renaissance Center.  The other two Detroit area FIRST RIDES were at Live Cycle Delight and Rebel Cycle…both still going strong! Most […]

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  • No Stress 494

    No Stress 494

    Inspiration:  It’s THANKSGIVING week, and I’m sure you didn’t need me to remind you of this! There are mixed emotions around this time of year…heading into December holidays, shorter (and colder) days, a new year weeks away, etc. – all the things that bring on a flood of STRESS for many.  While I’m no master […]

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  • First Ride: 4G Athletic (Jenison, MI)

    First Ride: 4G Athletic (Jenison, MI)

    It’s only been a couple weeks since my last FIRST RIDE post, but since I never actually did the class, I thought I would finally visit 4G Athletic, which opened nearly a year ago. This facility is like four boutique studios in one…4G is short for 4 Groups: Bike, Flow (Yoga), Lift (think Body Pump), […]

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  • 2017 Twelve Days of Fitness – A Wellness Challenge

    2017 Twelve Days of Fitness – A Wellness Challenge

    This holiday season, don’t let the busy time distract you from the things that keep you WELL and able to enjoy this month with friends and family! One way to help keep that focus and challenge yourself to be more MINDFUL is to celebrate the TWELVE DAYS OF FITNESS. For these days from December 11th […]

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  • TEST RIDE:   Studio Three (River North – Chicago, IL)

    TEST RIDE: Studio Three (River North – Chicago, IL)

    I’ve been looking forward to this visit for a while now…since Peloton has been in the SPIN spotlight for the past few months. The added bonus for the visit this Fathers Day weekend…my wife, daughter and her boyfriend came along for the ride. While ground zero for Peloton is NYC, Studio Three offers a midwest […]

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  • TEST RIDE: LIVE CYCLE DELIGHT (West Village – Detroit, MI)

    TEST RIDE: LIVE CYCLE DELIGHT (West Village – Detroit, MI)

    Last weekend my wife I and made the short road trip to the east side of the state to visit our oldest daughter and fiancé for a quick visit. They recently moved into an apartment in the heart of the city, near the iconic riverfront Renaissance Center. About a week before the visit I heard […]

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  • (Twenty) Seventeen 352

    (Twenty) Seventeen 352

    Inspiration: Our NEW YEAR is off to a great start…two holidays to kick off 2017: the actual NYD on Sunday and the observed holiday today, Monday the 2nd! I have a rough plan for the year, making for the best one yet (despite the neah’ sayers!) More balance (literally, with plans for at least one […]

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  • Class Schedule: Winter 2016

    Class Schedule: Winter 2016

    Happy New Year…let’s work(out) together and make 2016 the best yet! The holidays are always great…those 4-6 weeks from Thanksgiving through New Years, but I’m ready to get back to a regular and less crazy (maybe?) schedule. How about you? WOLVERINE WORLDWIDE FAMILY YMCA / Rockford – MON 5:10 – 5:55AM – TUE 5:10 – […]

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