First Ride: 4G Athletic (Jenison, MI)

It’s only been a couple weeks since my last FIRST RIDE post, but since I never actually did the class, I thought I would finally visit 4G Athletic, which opened nearly a year ago.

This facility is like four boutique studios in one…4G is short for 4 Groups: Bike, Flow (Yoga), Lift (think Body Pump), and Move (think Bootcamp with treadmill, rowing, TRX, and weights)…all under one roof.

Each of the four groups has it’s own dedicated and enclosed space in the building, along with an open reception area, changing rooms, bathrooms (no showers), and water station.  By design, the extras are minimal, to keep the pricing down.  Just bring your own water, shoes, towel, etc. and 4G provides a remarkable fitness facility, equipment, and staff!





There is some serious West Michigan fitness money behind 4G…MVP Sports Clubs, which has several full-service, private fitness clubs in west Michigan and central Florida that are owned and operated by the DeVos family (Amway Co-founder, Rich DeVos).

As you can imagine, my interest in 4G was all about the BIKE group!

I had a great 45-minute class with Jami K. at noon.  The studio is packed with 40 of the popular Stages bikes and has a great audio system.  It was an intense ride with brief moments of active recovery between hill climbs, sprints, and a variety of drills that make full use of the Stages monitor…

Jami is a masterclass fitness instructor that teaches a variety of classes at several locations in the Grand Rapids area.  Her 20’ish years of group fitness instruction was evident – great coaching & cueing, connection with the class, music choices, and confidence.  And this was Jami’s 14th class this week!

This was my second or third time on a Stages indoor cycle…tops in the industry.  A solid and smooth ride, plenty of adjustability, a loaded performance monitor with all the essential metrics, AND the silver Stages SprintShift.

Thanks to Jami and company at 4G for the complimentary FIRST RIDE (not just for me, first class is always on 4G!)…so be sure to visit and see for yourself.

2 thoughts on “First Ride: 4G Athletic (Jenison, MI)

  1. Reblogged this on for the ride inside…Music playlists, Ride profiles, Guest posts, Studio reviews, and more… and commented:

    One final shout-out to the owners, trainers, employees, and members that made this a first-class, one-of-a-kind studio and fitness community! I remember my FIRST RIDE visit in 2018…after hearing lots of great things from so many people in the SW area of greater Grand Rapids. Best wishes to all as one chapter closes…and another opens! RIDE ON!

    After May 2023, 4G ATHLETIC will permanently close.

    Sadly, we’ve lost many great public, group fitness businesses in the area in the wake of the extending and lingering Covid pandemic. Others include: The Dailey Method, CycleBar, Shape Your Life Studios, and Allegro Coaching.

    All the best to the others who continue to offer a great venue and fitness program in the greater GR area! (Greater GR YMCA, MPV, Lunar Cycle, Spoke, Yoga Fever, Evolve Fitness, The KROC Center, Walker Ice & Fitness, and others…)


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