The Leap Year Ride 318

Inspiration: This is that ONE DAY on the calendar that only comes up once in four here's my ride profile and playlist for our extra day this February 2016! My LEAP DAY starts at 5:10AM, with a 45m Cycle Class. After that...who knows what the day will bring! What will you be doing this … Continue reading The Leap Year Ride 318

Greatness 317

Inspiration: Such a GREAT quote headlining this post! Enjoy your ride to GREATNESS. Genre: Alternative, EDM, Pop Approximate time: 51 minutes Ride Profile & Tunes: Warm Up - Light / Bobby Green (feat. Whitney Phillips) Seated / Standing Flat - Tidal Wave / EVVY Seated / Standing Hill - Golden Age / Lanks Seated Hill … Continue reading Greatness 317

Wild… 316

Inspiration: A favorite track in this mix is Wild Child by Cardinox! Others to check out...Multiplied, Catch (remix), Help Me Run Away and My Kind of Swag. Genre: Alternative, Christian, EDM, Pop Approximate time: 52 minutes Ride Profile & Tunes: Warm Up - Multiplied / NEEDTOBREATHE Seated / Standing Flat- Wild Child / Cardinox Seated … Continue reading Wild… 316

Hey Hey Hallelujah 315

Inspiration: The month is passing quickly and it's been over two weeks since I've posted. Today I had two classes, including another RPM class to sub for, so be sure to check out the shorter 45m version on Spotify. Some current favorites that I've been using a lot...Work, Don't Need Nobody, It Ain't My Fault, … Continue reading Hey Hey Hallelujah 315

Pray 314

Inspiration: I had my last early Tuesday AM subbing for another instructor that leads an RPM (Les Mills) class. Not being RPM certified, I just did my freestyle "SPIN" format. I think this playlist is close to what you might expect in an RPM class...or maybe not, but we had a great class either way. … Continue reading Pray 314

This Is Gonna Hurt: Super Bowl 50 Mix 313

Inspiration: The 50th installment of American Football's SUPER BOWL is less than a week away...better get a jump start on burning those calories! Lady Gaga, Coldplay and BeyoncĂ© will perform during this year's big event and are included in this game-theme mix. Enjoy the game (and the ride inside)! (UPDATED WITH SUMMARY RIDE PROFILE - … Continue reading This Is Gonna Hurt: Super Bowl 50 Mix 313

Ablaze 312

Inspiration: Happy February! New mix, even more Sia. Check out Place On Earth...thanks for the song suggestion Chelsea. Here are some other favorites from this mix: Children of the Wild, Everybody Does, Help Me Run Away and Witness. Genre: Alternative, EDM, Pop, Rock Approximate time: 48 minutes Ride Profile & Tunes: Warm up - … Continue reading Ablaze 312