Zzzz… 331

Inspiration: This ride has a couple different themes...and with a RACE DAY format, will burn plenty of calories! The primary theme: all artist names begin with Z. My top two: Zedd and ZZ Top. Some hot, newer artists like Zara Larsson, ZAYN and ZHU. Classics like Frank Zappa and Rob Zombie. The secondary theme is … Continue reading Zzzz… 331

True Colors 329 / Awake My Soul 330

Inspiration: It's been FOREVER (actually about 4 years) since I was away on vacation for 7+ days and this was my first week back. It was a great break for our whole family in Southern California (along the coast of LA,Orange and San Diego Counties) followed by a relatively smooth week back to work...and great … Continue reading True Colors 329 / Awake My Soul 330

We March: ┬áTribute to Prince 328

Inspiration:  Shortly after the news of Prince's death, I had a FB request for a Tribute ride!  Now that I only use Spotify for playlists this was a tough one...only a small fraction of his music was available.  I found 4-5 lesser known Prince tracks and filled in the rest of the 45m ride with … Continue reading We March: ┬áTribute to Prince 328