True Colors 329 / Awake My Soul 330

Inspiration: It’s been FOREVER (actually about 4 years) since I was away on vacation for 7+ days and this was my first week back. It was a great break for our whole family in Southern California (along the coast of LA,Orange and San Diego Counties) followed by a relatively smooth week back to work…and great to be back in the saddle for my 4 classes this week. I worked on AWAKE MY SOUL while on the west coast and finished TRUE COLORS a couple days ago. This week we’ve been riding to these two playlists and today I got great feedback about the TC ride (60m version)…what a great way to get back into the Cycle Studio. Have a great weekend! Check out my LA LOVE playlist we streamed while cruising along the west coast.

Genre: Alternative, EDM, Pop, Rock
Approximate time: 64 minutes
Ride Profile & Tunes:
Warm Up – True Colors / Zedd (feat. Kesha)
Seated / Standing Run – How To Love / Cash Cash (feat. Sofia Reyes)
Standing Climb – One Dance / Drake
Quick Seated Flat – In Common / Alicia Keys
Sprints – Fireproof / Coleman Hell
Seated / Standing Hill – 3 Strikes / Terror Jr
Seated Hill with Standing Attacks – Otherside / Tom Swoon
Seated Flat – Dark Necessities / Red Hot Chili Peppers
Seated Hill & Running with Resistance – Hotter Than Hell / Dua Lipa
Jumps on a Hill – Son’s Gonna Rise / Citizen Cope
Seated Flat with increasing resistance & cadence – My Left Toe / Phish
Sprints – Faster Than Light / Far Too Loud
Jumps – How You Like Me Now / The Heavy
Tabata Sprints (starting at 10 on /10 off…working to 15/15 and 20/10) – Devil In Me / 22-20s
Seated to Standing Hill – I’m So Sorry / Imagine Dragons
Sprints – Wildfire / Borgeous
Cool down & Stretch – Lost Boy / Ruth B

On Spotify:

45m version:

Genre: Alternative, EDM, Pop, Rock
Approximate time: 50 minutes
Ride Profile & Tunes:
Warm Up – This Is What You Came For / Calvin Harris (feat. Rihanna)
Seated / Standing Flat – Closer / Elephante (feat. Bishop)
Seated / Standing Hill – Take It From Me / KONGOS
Seated Sprints – Get Out The Way / Glint
Seated Hill with Standing Attacks – Otherside (Mix Cut) / Paul Oakenfold
Sprints – All In / Lifehouse
Seated / Standing Hill with optional Figure 8’s – Cant Complain / Justin Jay
Seated Hill & Running with Resistance – Paradise / Benny Benassi (feat. Chris Brown)
Transition from Seated Hill to Quick Seated Flat – Awake My Soul / Mumford & Sons
Free Track (Riders’ Choice) – Love You Right / Matoma (feat. Nico & Vinz)
Seated to Standing Hill Climb – Emotionless / Red Sun Rising
Sprints – Coming Home / Seven Lions
Cool down & Stretch – Not Today / Imagine Dragons

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Fitness In The News:

LA LOVE: 2016 California Vacation Playlist

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