And the survey says…..

Originally posted on The Wellness Team at GRYMCA:
And the Survey Says…… We know that our members like what we do – for the most part – but what can we do to make their experience at our Y’s even better? In our recent YMCA SEER survey, we discovered some helpful information! Our members WANT our help! They want us to help them be healthier and reach their goals! They want us to give them excellence in our delivery – whether they are personal training, on our wellness floor or in our classes! They want to learn from us and they want to meet other like-minded members at our Y’s! How can we do all of this?  Here are 7 simple and fun ideas. Smile and say hello to everyone that crosses your path. If you work on the wellness floor, talk with people – not the ones you see all the time but the ones that look shy, unsure…

Schedule: Winter 2015

Hey there, Happy 2015…let’s go for a ride! Find yours at the Y! SOUTHEAST YMCA / Cascade (Coming later this year: Mary Free Bed YMCA) – MON 6:30-7:25PM WOLVERINE WORLD WIDE FAMILY YMCA / Rockford – WED 6:00-6:45AM (rotation schedule) – SAT 9:00-10:00AM (rotation schedule) DAVID D. HUNTING YMCA / Downtown Grand Rapids – THR 6:30-8:00PM (Endurance Cycle class) – SAT 8:00-8:45AM (Beginner Cycle class – rotation schedule) – SAT 9:15-10:00AM (rotation schedule) – SUN 1:15-2:00PM (rotation schedule)