FIRST RIDE: CycleBar – Grand Rapids

This is my first studio review post since COVID-19 shuttered fitness studios back in March 2020...its great to be back in the saddle for another FIRST RIDE! If you haven't heard of CycleBar, where have you been?! In Metro Detroit there are about a half-dozen of them. Back in 2014 I had my FIRST RIDE … Continue reading FIRST RIDE: CycleBar – Grand Rapids

The Last One: 2018 Super Bowl Theme Ride 403

It’s “THE BIG GAME” eve, here’s a look back to my theme ride from 2018…

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Inspiration: Game day in 1 week…ride for your team!
The featured playlist and profile are for the 45 minute class, but there’s an extended 60 minute playlist too. Both are loaded with classic and current rock…and a game day track by Country superstar, Carrie Underwood (SEE THE VEVO LYRIC VIDEO). Other artists featured on the ride today: Of Mice & Men, Boston, The Killers, ELO, Muse, Hardwell, Queen, Kings of Leon, and Black Veil Brides…
Prepare to hit the hills…and sprints too. This is a good blend of strength and interval work!
ENJOY the Ride, the Grammy’s (tonight) and THE GAME (next Sunday)!
Genre: Alternative, Country, EDM, Pop, Rock (Classic and Current)
Approximate time: 50 minutes / 62 mintues
SPINlist and Summary Profile:
Warm up – Into The Wild / Phillip Phillips
Seated / Standing Flat – Clarity / Zedd with Foxes
Seated / Standing…

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spINTENSITY: Keep it under control!

It’s February, soon it’s Valentine’s Day…how’s your heart? Here’s a heart themed / PSA post from 2020. If you have ride profile and playlist in mind, check out this post from 2018:

Have a SUPER (& GOLD MEDAL) Valentine’s Weekend!

for the ride inside...Music playlists, Ride profiles, Guest posts, Studio reviews, and more...

With 2020 well underway…a flood of new, returning fitness-seekers are HIITing gyms, fitness studios and CYCLE STUDIOS everywhere. Many unaware of or uneducated about how to effectively manage the intensity of their fitness activity. I’ll review a few common tools and techniques for keeping it safe.

RPE: Rating of Perceived Exertion

The most basic technique available to all participants is the 10-point Borg RPE scale. Simply put, this is a non-scientific, self-assessment of how intensely someone is exerting themselves. This has been used as long as I can remember and breaks down as follows:

0 – Nothing at all
1 – Very light
2 – Light
3 – Moderate
4 – Somewhat heavy
5 – Heavy
6 – Heavier
7 – Very heavy
8 – Very, very heavy
9 – Approaching max effort
10 – Most intense & max effort

I like this more illustrative breakdown from BRITISH CYCLING,

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Us: Valentine’s Day Theme Ride 407

When you LOVE indoor cycling as much as I do, a great VALENTINE’S DAY RIDE is essential! And with that, a great opportunity to switch up the SPINlist and go for a Theme ride. US (Ride #407) from 2018 or CUPID SHUFFLE from 2013 (one of my first Theme rides) are more traditional picks. For ’22 I’m going in another direction for V-Day…


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Inspiration: I picked up a class on the 14th…so here’s the Valentine’s Day theme ride. I found a good mix of current and classic tracks (a few from my last post)…this one just a little more sweet and spice! Check out the two tracks with Quavo, the Julia Michaels track from Fifty Shades Freed and the LIVE Big Love track!
Have a great day…tell someone you LOVE them!
Genre: Alternative, Country, Dance, Pop, Rock
Approximate time: 46 minutes
SPINlist and Summary Profile:
Warm up – Finesse / Bruno Mars with Cardi B
Alt Seated / Standing Flat with Surges – Us / Jennifer Lopez
Alt Seated / Standing Hill – Savior / Iggy Azalea with Quavo
Sprints – Burn It Down / AWOLNATION
Quick Climb with Seated / Standing Attacks – Motel Room / Skrizzly Adams
Transition from Seated Hill to Quick Standing Climb – Take You Away / Attica…

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Beautiful People: Black History Month Tribute Ride 405

Celebrating Black History Month, and these history-making artists!
A look back to this 2018 post…

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Inspiration: And another THEME RIDE!
This February we celebrate Olympians, Valentines…and history-shaping African Americans! This playlist is just over an hour, and I could have continued on for several more hours to properly recognize all the amazing artists. This mix covers a variety of music genre over many decades…Enjoy the Ride!
Genre: Alternative, Country, EDM, Pop, Rock
Approximate time: 62 minutes
SPINlist and Summary Profile:
Warm up – Bring It On / Darius Rucker
Alt Seated / Standing Flat – Faith / Stevie Wonder with Ariana Grande
Seated / Standing Climb – American Woman / Lenny Kravitz
Jumps – Cake (East & Young Remix) / Flo Rida
Seated Climb transition to quick Seated Flat – Proud Mary / Tina Turner
Seated / Standing Hill – Beautiful People / Chris Brown
Seated Flat w/ accelerations – Work / Rihanna with Drake
Seated to Standing Hill – Billie Jean / Michael Jackson

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Let’s Get It Started: Super Bowl ’14 Mix 158

The STATE of INDOOR CYCLING / Metro Grand Rapids, MI – 2022 Edition

After skipping a 2021 update (thank you Coronavirus!), here's my take on the state of indoor cycling in the greater Grand Rapids market. My purpose here is to feature organizations and local entrepreneurs that share my passion for indoor STUDIO cycling! Let's just keep it real and also acknowledge there are many great AT HOME … Continue reading The STATE of INDOOR CYCLING / Metro Grand Rapids, MI – 2022 Edition

V Day 521

February is the shortest month of the year and yet is packed with month-long themes: Black History, Heart Health, Cancer Prevention, and all-things love, romance, chocolates and flowers. It's also the month when gyms, fitness clubs and cycle studios return to "normal"...after 30+ days into the new year, resolutioners giving up on wide-eyed plans for … Continue reading V Day 521