Us: Valentine’s Day Theme Ride 407

Inspiration: I picked up a class on the 14th…so here’s the Valentine’s Day theme ride. I found a good mix of current and classic tracks (a few from my last post)…this one just a little more sweet and spice! Check out the two tracks with Quavo, the Julia Michaels track from Fifty Shades Freed and the LIVE Big Love track!
Have a great day…tell someone you LOVE them!
Genre: Alternative, Country, Dance, Pop, Rock
Approximate time: 46 minutes
SPINlist and Summary Profile:
Warm up – Finesse / Bruno Mars with Cardi B
Alt Seated / Standing Flat with Surges – Us / Jennifer Lopez
Alt Seated / Standing Hill – Savior / Iggy Azalea with Quavo
Sprints – Burn It Down / AWOLNATION
Quick Climb with Seated / Standing Attacks – Motel Room / Skrizzly Adams
Transition from Seated Hill to Quick Standing Climb – Take You Away / Attica Riots
Quick Standing Climb – Kickstart My Heart / Motley Crue
Jumps – Are You / Julia Michaels
Seated Hill & Running on a Hill – Move Like U Stole It (Paul Oakenfold Remix) / ZZ Ward
Standing Hill with Seated Pick ups (3 pairs, 1 triple, 1 quad) – Bang a Gong (Get It On) / T. Rex
Seated / Standing Hill with optional Figure Eights – Catch A Body / LIVVIA with Quavo
Intense Seated Flat with alternating increase in speed / resistance – Big Love (LIVE) / Lindsey Buckingham
Cool down & Stretch – Say Something / Justin Timberlake with Chris Stapleton

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