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  • Say Amen 🙏🏼 418

    Say Amen 🙏🏼 418

    Inspiration: TGIF: It’s FRIDAY…all DAY! Some GREAT FINDS packed into two versions (60m / 45m) of today’s post! Opportunities to tackle ALL NINE SPINNING MOVEMENTS in the full hour version…an intense ride that will call for all the POWER of PRAYER. Be sure to check out all the tracks including: new music by Panic! At […]

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  • Us: Valentine’s Day Theme Ride 407

    Us: Valentine’s Day Theme Ride 407

    Inspiration: I picked up a class on the 14th…so here’s the Valentine’s Day theme ride. I found a good mix of current and classic tracks (a few from my last post)…this one just a little more sweet and spice! Check out the two tracks with Quavo, the Julia Michaels track from Fifty Shades Freed and […]

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  • Sweat 372

    Sweat 372

    Inspiration: I just finished my first week of work since being away on a 10 day vacation at the cottage (see some pics below). This week I’m subbing a couple 45 minute classes, so YES, time for an new playlist and ride profile. There’s a good mix of current and older tracks that will make […]

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  • Gimme What I Don’t Know (Endurance Ride) 244

    Gimme What I Don’t Know (Endurance Ride) 244

    Inspiration: Found a great mix of old and new tracks for this 90 minute Endurance ride playlist. Bright Lights (Thirty Seconds To Mars) is just right for an extended warm up (there’s an edited version on the Spotify). EDM, Classic Rock, 80’s/90’s tracks and a few remixed tracks add some interval work along the way! […]

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  • Stay High: A REMIX Ride 222

    Stay High: A REMIX Ride 222

    Inspiration: It’s time for another fresh mix and it’s been a while since I put together a collection of REMIX tracks. This one’s an hour and includes a few very current tracks…a few that are 2-3 years old. Checkout the Chainsmokers REMIX of Habits/Stay High! Genre: Alternative, Dance, Pop, Rock. Approximate time: 61 minutes On […]

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  • Carpe Diem 220

    Carpe Diem 220

    Inspiration: A few tracks have little stories behind them…I’ll keep it short. My brother in law’s birthday was this week and heard about his plans to see Better Than Ezra in Detroit (performing tonight) so I checked out their latest and came up with a nice Jump track. On one of my Uber-adventures, I met […]

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  • Fever 195

    Fever 195

    Inspiration: Hot, sweaty, racing heart, chills, out of breath…FEVER? No, just finished another hour-long ride in the Cycle Studio. Genre: Alternative, Christian, Country, Dance, Pop, Rock. Approximate time: 64 minutes Preview / Purchase on iTunes: Warm up – Fly or Die – Fly or Die – Single Seated / Standing Hill – Into the Blue […]

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  • Sweat 028

    Spin Winter 2012 #4 (47 min) 01 4:03 WARM UP / Startlight – Muse 02 3:53 SEATED & STANDING FLAT / Club Can’t Handle Me – Flo Rida w/ David Guetta 03 3:53 SEATED & STANDING HILL / Locked Out of Heaven – Bruno Mars 04 4:12 SPRINTS ON A HILL / Catch My Breath […]

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