Do Or Die 079

Ready or not…May ’23 will be here soon!
I’m giving DO OR DIE and encore ride tomorrow, just about 10 years since I took this one for a “SPIN” in 2013. If you cannot check out the full ~45 minutes of my 79th spinlist…do give these a listen (again): DO OR DIE (Thirty Seconds To Mars), DIANE YOUNG (Vampire Weekend), TAKE IT OUTSIDE (Brantley Gilbert), and DRUM TRIP (Rusted Root).

I have big plans for the next 31 days of 2023…watch for an update on that this June. Make it a great May Day Monday & ENJOY THE RIDE all month long! And watch for another fresh ride/mix (#552) soon!

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Summer 2013 SPIN #04 (46 min)
01. 4:08 WARM UP / Do Or Die – 30 Seconds To Mars
02. 6:02 SEATED & STANDING FLAT / Take Me – Tiesto w/ Kyler England
03. 2:40 JUMPS / Diane Young – Vampire Weekend
04. 4:48 ROLLING HILLS / Our Love Is Loud – David Crowder Band
05. 3:33 SPRINTS (3 x 25s) / How Far We’ve Come – Matchbox Twenty
06. 4:17 SEATED & STANDING HILL / Take It Outside – Brantley Gilbert
07. 4:19 SEATED FLAT & SEATED & STANDING HILL / Feel The Beat – Darude
08. 3:36 JUMPS / Misery – Maroon 5
09. 3:45 SEATED & STANDING FLAT / Drum Trip – Rusted Root
10. 3:48 STANDING SPRINTS (3 x 25s) / Alone – Sleeping With Sirens w/ MGK
11. 4:08 COOL DOWN & STRETCH / Bring Me Home – Sade

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A LOOK BACK: Wellness Grind + For The Ride Inside…a pre-pandemic flash back!

After a subtle reminder of this connection made between Wendie and me a few years ago, thought I'd share this guest blog post dated September 5, 2019...just about 6 months before the world met Coronavirus. Be sure to explore all that Wendie has to offer at Wellness Grind! Happy Friday-eve! BE WELL!

People Like Us 2.0 551

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Your Wildest Dreams: SPINdurance 2019.2 460

Sunday April 2nd is the end of our 12-week Endurance Cycling series…for me, it’s been the most successful Indoor Endurance Cycling season EVER! Tomorrow we’ll do an encore of this ROCKIN’ mix…Enjoy the Ride!

for the ride inside...Music playlists, Ride profiles, Guest posts, Studio reviews, and more...

Inspiration:A west Michigan snow day calls for a SPOTIFY marathon AND a new 90-minute playlist / ride profile! This time my brother-in-law Clint had some great suggestions…this should be a GOOD ONE, planning on this for tomorrow’s FTP 90 class!

The ride is named for the Moody Blues track and perfect for this ALTERED STATES theme…plenty of chemically-induced tunes (there’s more that didn’t make the cut this time). Includes many of the “classic” artists: Styx, The Doors, The Beatles, Steve Miller Band, The Rolling Stones, Rush, Jefferson Airplane, Queen, Led Zeppelin, Cream, The Who, The Cars…and others. A more current, but fitting bonus track is Lover, Leaver by Greta Van Fleet (homegrown in THE MITTEN – aka Michigan!)…thanks Clint!

More hills on this one, so the target for the five zones on this ride is heavier in Yellow:

Zone 1 (White): 5%…Zone 2 (Blue): 5-10%…Zone 3 (Green):…

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