Your Wildest Dreams: SPINdurance 2019.2 460

Sunday April 2nd is the end of our 12-week Endurance Cycling series…for me, it’s been the most successful Indoor Endurance Cycling season EVER! Tomorrow we’ll do an encore of this ROCKIN’ mix…Enjoy the Ride!

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Inspiration:A west Michigan snow day calls for a SPOTIFY marathon AND a new 90-minute playlist / ride profile! This time my brother-in-law Clint had some great suggestions…this should be a GOOD ONE, planning on this for tomorrow’s FTP 90 class!

The ride is named for the Moody Blues track and perfect for this ALTERED STATES theme…plenty of chemically-induced tunes (there’s more that didn’t make the cut this time). Includes many of the “classic” artists: Styx, The Doors, The Beatles, Steve Miller Band, The Rolling Stones, Rush, Jefferson Airplane, Queen, Led Zeppelin, Cream, The Who, The Cars…and others. A more current, but fitting bonus track is Lover, Leaver by Greta Van Fleet (homegrown in THE MITTEN – aka Michigan!)…thanks Clint!

More hills on this one, so the target for the five zones on this ride is heavier in Yellow:

Zone 1 (White): 5%…Zone 2 (Blue): 5-10%…Zone 3 (Green):…

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