Obsession 378

Still Obsessed!
Welcome Spring ’23 and HAPPY Monday (World Happiness Day)…better get to the Cycle Studio and ENJOY THE RIDE!

for the ride inside...Music playlists, Ride profiles, Guest posts, Studio reviews, and more...

Inspiration: There’s no doubt about my strongest obsession for the past 5 years! I continue to enjoy my time in the Cycle Studio after a half decade of cycle classes throughout greater Grand Rapids…and blogging about all-things-studio cycling. The fuel for my obsession: GR YMCA and it’s members, instructors and management, Spotify and the hundreds of contributing & amazing musicians, SoulCycle/FlyWheel and growing number of boutique cycle studios around the world, fellow bloggers and fitness fanatics…etc.
Here’s a 60m+ ride to celebrate my OBSESSION and hopefully another 5 years FOR THE RIDE INSIDE! Don’t miss favorite tracks by these artists: Katy Perry, Pink, French Montana, All Time Low and Slushii!
Genre: Alternative, EDM, Pop, Rock
Approximate time: 65 minutes
SPINlist and Summary Profile:
Warm Up – Bigger Than Me / Katy Perry
Seated / Standing Flat – Tightrope / Above & Beyond
Seated to Standing Climb – Miracle (Stripped) /…

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