Happy Hump-day 🤣

I had to share a message and some new music today... Found this in my INBOX today. Check it out, don't miss the Spotify link! Thanks Jon for following and writing today. I'll be streaming this at 6:15 class tonight! 🚴🏻🎶😅 Hey Steve, Thanks for keeping up your blog! I started spinning about 3 years … Continue reading Happy Hump-day 🤣

The Crazy Ones 432

Inspiration: Here's to US! Some powerful tracks for intense sprints, climbs, jumps, rolling hills and runs! Favorites include: Tear It Down, Natural, The Crazy Ones, Come This Far, Sanctuary and Happy Now. Genre: Alternative, EDM, Pop, Rock Approximate time: 62 minutes SPOTIFY SpinList: 60m version https://open.spotify.com/user/1245380664/playlist/2rHS2TuDbWe6CzhtnmDWjN 45m version https://open.spotify.com/user/1245380664/playlist/7dnrDX6ZvUka5EJ2bl7Xv6 Natural - Imagine Dragons https://youtu.be/8kD3pOsdnQQ ...Health … Continue reading The Crazy Ones 432

Nearly SIX years…and counting (and still Spinnin’)

I just received my annual subscription invoice for my website domain name…reminding me that another year of studio cycling and blogging has quickly passed! This fall will mark the start of YEAR #7…should be the best year yet! Like many other bloggers and indoor cycling instructors, I often thought about wrapping up this gig and … Continue reading Nearly SIX years…and counting (and still Spinnin’)

The Journey 431

Inspiration: Just took THE JOURNEY for a test ride this morning at 7:30...and for an encore ride at 10:15. With all the positive feedback (and sweat on the floor), this is my new FAVORITE RIDE! More of a rock theme on this one...but still a good variety for a crowd-pleaser. I NEVER use a track … Continue reading The Journey 431

GINS SPINS South Florida: A Guest Blog Post by Adam G 430

Thanks to Adam for stepping up this month with a great guest post. This is the 10th since I started this series last Fall. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again…these posts are my favorite part about this FOR THE RIDE INSIDE cycling blog. Adam’s story, while unique, is one I can certainly relate … Continue reading GINS SPINS South Florida: A Guest Blog Post by Adam G 430