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  • A Look Back:  #419 April 2018

    A Look Back: #419 April 2018

    This was a popular tribute to Avicii last year, just after the news of his death. On Netflix: AVICII: TRUE STORIES

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  • Bright Lights:  SPINdurance 2019.3 463

    Bright Lights: SPINdurance 2019.3 463

    Inspiration:   HAPPY PRESIDENTS’ DAY…a great day to unplug from all the noise and negativity associated with our current President and pay tribute to one or more of our past Presidents (Who’s one of your favorites? For me, #40…Ronald Reagan).  For many this also means a long winter weekend…I’ll take it! It also means tomorrow is […]

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  • The Journey 431

    The Journey 431

    Inspiration: Just took THE JOURNEY for a test ride this morning at 7:30…and for an encore ride at 10:15. With all the positive feedback (and sweat on the floor), this is my new FAVORITE RIDE! More of a rock theme on this one…but still a good variety for a crowd-pleaser. I NEVER use a track […]

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  • Without You:  Avicii Memorial Mix 419

    Without You: Avicii Memorial Mix 419

    Inspiration: The young and talented EDM artist Avicii passed this week! I’ve used so many of his collaborative tunes for many rides over the years. One of the first and most memorable is Fade Into Darkness. There are so many and my 60 minute mix is only a sampling of his best tracks. I included […]

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  • When We Were Young:  The Zedd / Francis / Metric Tour Ride 291

    When We Were Young: The Zedd / Francis / Metric Tour Ride 291

    UPDATE:  Highlights of the Concert on October 22nd…the show was AMAZING!!! Inspiration: Yes, another Thursday that I can’t wait for! This Thursday Zedd, Dillon Francis and Alex Metric are here for the True Colors Tour, showing at the Delta Plex in Grand Rapids…my first concert in many years (and first EDM concert). When I started […]

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  • Good When We’re Together 288

    Good When We’re Together 288

    Inspiration: …on our bikes, in the Cycle Studio, it IS Good When We’re Together! This mix includes a few new tracks and a classic Rock And Roll track, and other good ones in between. Check it out and have a great fall week ahead! Genre: Alternative, EDM, Pop, Rock. Approximate time: 63 minutes Preview and […]

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  • Ahead… 231

    Ahead… 231

    Inspiration: For a change of pace, there’s not much variety, but all solid EDM hits (many are Radio Edits) on this “one-track ride”. Close your eyes and ride this house party mix to an awesome calorie burn…climb steep hills, sprint on flat road & up hill…attack hills while running with resistance. “BEST DAYS ARE STILL […]

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  • Showdown:  Classic Rock vs. EDM 165

    Showdown: Classic Rock vs. EDM 165

    Inspiration: A full hour of Classic Rock and Electronic Dance Music…it’s a Showdown! Genre: Classic Rock, Electronic/Dance Approximate time: 61 minutes Ride Playlist: Showdown – Strange Magic – The Best of Electric Light Orchestra Beam Me Up – Beam Me Up – Single Twilight Zone – Cut So Young So High – The Rules of […]

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