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  • Wednesday Poll:  Music Streaming Services

    Wednesday Poll: Music Streaming Services

    Your music tracklist is the key to a great ride inside!  Over the years options for group fitness instructors have evolved, including:  cassette tapes, CDs, mp3 players, purchased content (i.e. iTunes), streamed content (i.e. Spotify).   There has been a lot of activity in the realm of music streaming services and things to consider include:  cost, […]

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  • Wednesday Poll: Cycling Shoes

    Wednesday Poll: Cycling Shoes

    Practically every sport, indoor or outdoor, has a uniquely designed shoe to maximize performance and comfort…and reduce risk of injury. Indoor cycling isn’t any different.  While a shoe that’s specific to indoor studio cycling isn’t common, mountain biking shoes tend to be the best option for your RIDE INSIDE! When shopping for a cycling shoe […]

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  • Studio Cycling…a first-timer’s 7-point guide to ENJOY THE RIDE!

    Studio Cycling…a first-timer’s 7-point guide to ENJOY THE RIDE!

    If you’re thinking about trying an indoor cycling class or know someone who is, the following points will help you get the most out of your first few classes, and get you hooked on studio cycling…for life! Phone (or text) a friend Connect with a friend, family member or co-worker and check out a class […]

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  • The Journey 431

    The Journey 431

    Inspiration: Just took THE JOURNEY for a test ride this morning at 7:30…and for an encore ride at 10:15. With all the positive feedback (and sweat on the floor), this is my new FAVORITE RIDE! More of a rock theme on this one…but still a good variety for a crowd-pleaser. I NEVER use a track […]

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  • TEST RIDE:   Studio Three (River North – Chicago, IL)

    TEST RIDE: Studio Three (River North – Chicago, IL)

    I’ve been looking forward to this visit for a while now…since Peloton has been in the SPIN spotlight for the past few months. The added bonus for the visit this Fathers Day weekend…my wife, daughter and her boyfriend came along for the ride. While ground zero for Peloton is NYC, Studio Three offers a midwest […]

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