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  • The Journey 431

    The Journey 431

    Inspiration: Just took THE JOURNEY for a test ride this morning at 7:30…and for an encore ride at 10:15. With all the positive feedback (and sweat on the floor), this is my new FAVORITE RIDE! More of a rock theme on this one…but still a good variety for a crowd-pleaser. I NEVER use a track […]

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  • Good When We’re Together 288

    Good When We’re Together 288

    Inspiration: …on our bikes, in the Cycle Studio, it IS Good When We’re Together! This mix includes a few new tracks and a classic Rock And Roll track, and other good ones in between. Check it out and have a great fall week ahead! Genre: Alternative, EDM, Pop, Rock. Approximate time: 63 minutes Preview and […]

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  • Good Times Roll (5 Endurance Rides) 255

    Good Times Roll (5 Endurance Rides) 255

    Inspiration: Spotify Playlist Spring Cleaning this weekend! This post includes links to 5 90-minute Endurance Rides that I created over the past few weeks but haven’t posted…until now. Watch for 2 more posts soon, one for Hour-long ride mixes and the other for 50-minute SPINlists. I’m not able to take all the time to include […]

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  • I Sold My (Road Bike), But Not My (Spinner) 119

    I Sold My (Road Bike), But Not My (Spinner) 119

    Inspiration: After a visit to Patrik’s SPINNING PASSION site ( I found a great hill climbing track (Breath of Life, Florence + The Machine) and one thing lead to another…so here’s my Sunday morn’ 60-minute ALTERNATIVE playlist / ride profile. Genre: Alternative, Alternative, Alternative Approximate time: 62 minutes Ride Profile & Playlist: 01. 4:12 WARM […]

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  • Now 041

    Winter 2013 SPIN #17 (48 min) 01 Burning In the Skies – Linkin Park – 4:13 (Warm up) 02 Part of Me – Katy Perry – 3:35 (Seated / Standing Flat) 03 Hang Fire – The Rolling Stones – 2:21 (Jumps) 04 Now – Paramore – 4:11 (Seated Flat w/ Sprints: 3 x 25’s) 05 […]

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