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  • Class Schedule: Summer 2019

    Class Schedule: Summer 2019

    What happened to July 2019?! This schedule post is officially LATE, as many of the Group Ex coordinators are putting Fall 2019 class schedules together now. Late or not, here it is…LET’S RIDE! _______________________________________________________________________ DAVID D. HUNTING YMCA / Downtown GR (LifeFitness / ICG / Coach By Color Power Training format) – WED 6:15 – […]

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  • Class Schedule: Fall 2018

    Class Schedule: Fall 2018

    It’s time to FALL into a new fitness routine…be sure it includes Studio Cycling. Late September and into early October, both DDH and Spartan Stores YMCA branches will update their Cycle Studios with new Life Fitness IC-6 bikes and introduction of the Coach By Color method. This will be a great addition to the Greater […]

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  • The Journey 431

    The Journey 431

    Inspiration: Just took THE JOURNEY for a test ride this morning at 7:30…and for an encore ride at 10:15. With all the positive feedback (and sweat on the floor), this is my new FAVORITE RIDE! More of a rock theme on this one…but still a good variety for a crowd-pleaser. I NEVER use a track […]

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  • Class Schedule: Summer 2018

    Class Schedule: Summer 2018

    The UN-official start of summer is here…and in Grand Rapids, MI it’ll be hot and humid through Memorial Day. Summer group fitness and cycling schedules at the GR-area YMCA’s start rolling out over the next week or two…LET’S RIDE! WOLVERINE WORLDWIDE FAMILY YMCA / Belmont – MON 5:10 – 6:10AM – FRI 9:15 – 10:00AM […]

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  • (Be A) Champion 425

    (Be A) Champion 425

    Inspiration: CHAMPION: cham·pi·on, CHampēən, a person who fights or argues for a cause or on behalf of someone else, EX. “a champion of group fitness & studio cycling” synonyms: advocate, proponent, promoter, supporter, defender, upholder, backer Genre: Alternative, Country, Pop, Rock Approximate time: 61 minutes SPINlist and Summary Ride Profile: Warm up – New Light […]

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  • Fire It Up 422

    Fire It Up 422

    Inspiration: Heat things up this weekend, burn some calories, discover your strength…FIRE IT UP! Thanks for following here…and on Spotify! Share with others who share your enthusiasm for indoor cycling and have a GREAT WEEKEND! For the locals in Grand Rapids…see you at the Y: Spartan Stores Y at 7:30AM Saturday and 8:15AM Sunday…Mary Free […]

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  • Burn It Down 421

    Burn It Down 421

    Inspiration: A mix of old, new, repeats and other tracks today. A few tracks are reworked versions of some classics (The Sound of Silence, Sweet Dreams, Heart-Shaped Box)…ENJOY THE RIDE! Genre: Alternative, Pop, Rock Approximate time: 63 minutes SPINlist and Summary Ride Profile: Warm up – The Sound Of Silence / Disturbed Seated / Standing […]

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  • The Last One:  2018 Super Bowl Theme Ride 403

    The Last One: 2018 Super Bowl Theme Ride 403

    Inspiration: Game day in 1 week…ride for your team! The featured playlist and profile are for the 45 minute class, but there’s an extended 60 minute playlist too. Both are loaded with classic and current rock…and a game day track by Country superstar, Carrie Underwood (SEE THE VEVO LYRIC VIDEO). Other artists featured on the […]

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  • Friends 377

    Friends 377

    Inspiration: Grab a friend and go for a ride INSIDE! I hope this 60-minute mix and summary ride profile is the fuel you need for a GREAT RIDE! While many of us are preparing for an end of summer celebration and long Labor Day weekend, remember to keep our FRIENDS on the gulf coast of […]

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  • #WGTP / We Got The Power 365

    #WGTP / We Got The Power 365

    Inspiration: What happened to April? Okay, so it’s not May yet, but this month has gone by quickly and I haven’t posted much here in a while. I thought it was time to SPRING CLEAN the blog, so thanks to WordPress, it is so easy to find a new look (for FREE)…let me know what […]

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