(Be A) Champion 425

Inspiration: CHAMPION: cham·pi·on, CHampēən, a person who fights or argues for a cause or on behalf of someone else, EX. “a champion of group fitness & studio cycling”
synonyms: advocate, proponent, promoter, supporter, defender, upholder, backer
Genre: Alternative, Country, Pop, Rock
Approximate time: 61 minutes
SPINlist and Summary Ride Profile:
Warm up – New Light /John Mayer
Alt Seated Flat / Standing Run – Push / Noah Neiman
Alt Seated / Standing Hill – Under the Ladder / MELOVIN
Quick Standing Climb with opt. Figure 8’s – Live In The Moment / Portugal, The Man
Sprints – 12am Vibes / Bjorni
Alt Seated / Standing Hill – Call My Name / The Unlikely Candidates
Running on a Hill – Getaway / Tritonal, Angel Taylor
Seated to Standing Climb – Get You Alone / Sleeping Wolf
Sprints – Toy / Netta
Progressive Seated / Standing Flat Drill – Tarantula / Pendulum, $pyda, DJ Fresh…
Alt Seated / Standing Power Climb – It Ain’t My Fault / Brothers Osborne
Quick Seated Flat with Pickups – Lawless / UNKLE
Jumps on a Hill – It’s Enough / Lenny Kravitz
Steep Seated / Standing Climb – Champion / Barns Courtney
Sprints – I Can Feel It / Hey Violet
Cool down & Stretch – Twice / Christina Aguilera

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