I’ll Be There 424

Inspiration: For the Cycle Instructor in me, this is a bittersweet time of year. Summer is MY season and I love all 100 days of Michigan Summertime. It’s also that time of year when class numbers fall off and fewer classes are on the schedule. Regardless of all that’s going on OUTSIDE and no matter how small the class…I WILL BE THERE…ready to ride INSIDE, burning calories and rocking to pace setting, motivational, amazing music. This weekend should be a great time to keep your RIDE INSIDE…cool, cloudy and rainy conditions through Sunday.
So whether the studio is filled to capacity, or just a handful of riders…ENJOY THE RIDE!

Be sure to check out these new (or repeated) favorites: Fix You (from The VOICE this week), I Wanna Know (Love Bea Miller!), I’ll Be There (Love Jess too!!), Mrs. Robinson (a great, upbeat updated cover…for SPRINTS), Fire (recently discovered Barns Courtney…good stuff), Pilgrim (WOW…love this one from Fink), Right Here, Right Now (made for the Cycle Studio…this is a new REMIX version), Hold on Tight (check out this video for this new release, below), Warrior (this was a member recommendation last weekend…I LIKE IT!), You Got Me Runnin’ (perfect for those last few sprints before cool down), and Let Me (so nice for cool down and stretch).
Genre: Alternative, Christian, Pop, Rock
Approximate time: 62 minutes


Warm Up with increasing resistance & cadence – Fix You / Coldplay
Alt. Seated / Standing Hill – I Wanna Know / NOTD, Bea Miller
Steep Seated Climb – I’ll Be There / Jess Glynne
Sprints (4X) – Mrs. Robinson (Remastered) / The Lemonheads
Seated Hill with Seated / Standing Attacks (3X) – Fire / Barns Courtney
Jumps / opt. 1-3 intervals at double time – Run Wild / Thutmose, NoMBe
Riders’ Choice / Free Ride – Alone (Clean Bandit MFF Remix) / Halsey, Big Sean, Stefflon Don, Clean Bandit
Tabata Sprints (10/10 switch to 15/15) – Shadow Of Your Love / Guns N’ Roses
THE BIG ONE: Extended Flat with increasing resistance & cadence (alt. every 10-15 sec) + extended recovery – Pilgrim / Fink
Seated / Standing Sprints (2X with 5 sec break in the middle of each) – Right Here, Right Now (Friction & Killer Hertz Remix) / Fatboy Slim, Friction, Killer Hertz
Alt. Seated / Standing Hill – Hold On Tight / R3HAB, Conor Maynard
Seated Sprints / Stand Jog – Electable (Give It Up) / Jimmy Eat World
Seated Climb with incr. resistance – GET UP / Shinedown
Alt. Seated / Standing Climb – Warrior (Battle Cry Remix) / Hanna Kerr (MEMBER RECOMMENDATION!)
Seated / Standing Attack on a Hill (2X) – Flashing Lights / Steve Angello
Final Sprints Home (3X) – You Got Me Runnin’ / Fedde Le Grand
Cool down & Stretch – Let Me / ZAYN

On Spotify:

Here’s the shorter 45 minute version:

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10 thoughts on “I’ll Be There 424

  1. Hey Steve, It’s Heather Schrag, on Spotify. TGFS! 🙂 Looking forward to the Champions ride. LOVE Portugal the Man, from my hometown Portland. I live in the SF Bay Area now. Have a great week!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes…TGFS!!!
      Let me know how it goes! I’m using for the 1:15 class that starts soon and again early tomorrow AM. I am hooked in Live In The Moment. Have a great class and awesome week before the Holiday! 🚴🏻🎶😅


  2. Hi Steve, Didn’t know I could leave a comment before, ha! never scrolled down this far I guess. But want you to know I love being a spin instructor thanks to you. I have a lot going on, and I love music and to be able to check in weekly and find a new playlist with suggested profile for the workout has made my life so much better! I hope you never stop doing this, cause when life gets crazy, your lists make it possible for me to deliver a great class. Thank you so much and keep up the amazing job!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Heather, great to hear from you…and that we have something in common: a passion for studio cycling! Good to know these posts can help when in a pinch! Take care and ENJOY THE RIDE. 🚴🏻🎶😅


    1. Thanks Trisha! I used either version of this playlist for the past 5 classes since last Friday…it’s a burner!! I’ll add a summary profile later today/tomorrow, like I’ve done for other classes. Thanks for checking in! Have a great week.


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