2018…see ya!

2018 was a great year for Studio Cycling around the world…interest continues to grow at a strong pace with more boutique studios opening, more in-home fitness and live streamed classes (Peloton…I know of 3 people that took delivery in 2018), and new class formats.  I like this video post from the CEO of Peloton (December 2016):


Spotify still reins as the music streaming service of choice, followed by Apple Music, Soundcloud, YouTube, Amazon Music, and others.

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My favorite posts this year have been the guest blog posts by instructors and riders, and I’m looking forward to 9 more rider posts in 2019!  If you missed any of these inspiring and creative posts, go back and check them out.

Here are some of my favorite FOR THE RIDE INSIDE posts of 2018:


The Last One:  2018 Super Bowl Theme Ride 403 – an favorite theme ride every year!

#NEVERCOAST @flyCHI: A Guest Post by Jeremy S. 402 – LOVE JEREMY’S classes at FLYWHEEL Chicago studios, and am so happy he agreed to writing up a Guest Post.  Next time you are in Chicago, get to Jeremy’s FLY45 class!

Fall In 400 – Icy Lake Michigan F’d me!  I still am not 100%, but doing much better than the two weeks after a HARD fall in Ludington, MI while taking a winter break with family in Northern Michigan.

Ooh Lordy 399 – This is such a good ride!


Breaking out of the COMFORT ZONE:  A Guest Post by Matt G. 408 – Matt has got to be the most athletic contributor to FTRI, and has an amazing commitment to recognizing fallen officers.  Watch for more fundraiser runs…Matt is planning a repeat event in 2019!

Heart Beat Here 406 – February was a big THEME RIDE Month.   This one was in recognition of the AMA’s HEART MONTH.

Beautiful People:  Black History Month Tribute Ride 405 – Was another popular THEME RIDE!

Fire N Gold: 2018 Winter Olympics Tribute 404 – A favorite THEME RIDE and my most followed playlist on Spotify…EVER!  This is one of those timeless playlists that is great all year long…year after year.  CHECK IT OUT!


The POWER of Indoor Cycling: A Guest blog post and Spring Break Theme Ride by Cathy M. 414 – If you live near Indy, IN, you probably know about this amazing boutique Cycle Studio in Carmel.  Cathy and her team have a great thing going here!

Sound Of A Woman: Women’s History Month 410 – One of my favorite Theme Rides…I have this one on REPEAT!


Cultivating Badassery: A Guest Blog Post by Michelle C. 420 – You rock Michelle!

Without You: Avicii Memorial Mix 419 – This post is so important to me for many reasons, and is one of the most followed of my Spotify playlists.


(Be A) Champion 425 – I believe we are or can be CHAMPIONS if we work at it.


Success in the Cycle Studio: A Guest Blog Post by Tash 428 – How can you not love Tash!  Her energy and enthusiasm for Indoor Cycling is contagious, and she is doing so much for indoor cycle instructors and studio owners with her Canada-based consulting practice.


The Journey 431 – One of my favorite rides / playlists of the year!

GINS SPINS South Florida:  A Guest Blog Post by Adam G. 430 – The team at Red Bike in the Miami area is fortunate to have Adam!


Everything happens for a reason: A Guest Blog Post by Emma M 434 – Indoor cycling rides strong DOWN UNDER and wherever Emma leads a STAGES ride!

Light That Fire 433 – Little did I know that this favorite playlist would have even more significance in a few months, with the introduction of IC6 Life Fitness bikes and Coach By Color Power Training (think Ring of Fire, Tunnel of Fire!)


For the LOVE of MOVEMENT: A Guest Blog Post by Kalika F 439 – I love this post…thanks Kalika!


Studio Cycling…a first-timer’s 7-point guide to ENJOY THE RIDE! – I seldom do posts like this, but am always up for promoting Studio Cycling, and inviting more first timers!

Pressure 442 – This post and ride was named for the Muse 2018 release.  I just read at RUNHUNDRED that it is one of the TOP TEN running / riding / workout tracks of the year.

First Ride: Rebel Cycle Studio (Detroit, MI) – Some of the best things in life happen spontaneously without extensive planning…my visit to the grand opening of Rebel Cycle is a prime example of that.  Check out this post and the video!  I still need to go for MY first ride with Amy…2019!

Guest Blog Post: Why I RIDE INSIDE, Rob T. – Rob and I have shared MANY weekend rides together at the Spartan Stores Family YMCA.   It is most appropriate that Rob was the first of several RIDER guest posts at FOR THE RIDE INSIDE!  Thanks Rob for your COMMITMENT and  SUPPORT of our indoor cycling program at GRYMCA!

ICG + FTP = MORE POWER – I have many favorite posts from October!  This one is dedicated to our launch of the ICG / Life Fitness / Coach By Color program at the downtown GR and Wyoming/Spartan Stores locations.  This was a substantial investment of time, money and other resources that our members are LOVING!


Natural Madness: Muse v. Imagine Dragons 444 – I haven’t done enough of these artist pairing rides in 2018 and plan to do more in 2019.  This was a good one!

SPINNING is for Everyone: A Guest Blog Post by Jon Holt – This was the second time I posted something from Jon…the first was when he contacted me about his own track on Spotify: Spin Class!  Be sure to check out his analysis of instructor types and music types.


Elevate 452 – One of my newest and current favorites for a 45 minute class.

Why I Cycle…From Indoors to Outdoors to Beyond:  A Guest Blog Post by Dave Ringle – Another great post and success story from a ROCKSTAR RIDER!

Blog stats from WORDPRESS are strong for 2018!  Record number of VISITORS and LIKES, nearly 100K VIEWS.

Top Posts:  The Last One (Superbowl), Fire N Gold (Winter Olympics), Good Morning, Say Amen, Shinin’ Bright, Ooh Lordy, Breaking out of the COMFORT ZONE, Fearless…Stronger…Better, Imagination.

Top Referrers:  Google search, Facebook, Pinterest, WordPress, http://www.spinningfreak.com, http://www.indoorcyclingmixes.com, Instagram, http://www.chrispins1.wordpress.com, Twitter.

Top Clicks:  Spotify, iTunes, http://www.chrispins1.wordpress.com,  http://www.thedancingrunner.wordpress.com, YouTube, http://www.spinningfreak.com, http://www.indoorcyclingmixes.com.

Top Countries:  USA, UK, Canada, Netherlands, Germany, South Africa, Australia, Ireland, Italy, China.


More good things happening at the YMCA of Greater Grand Rapids…

At the Y, the most significant event of the year was launching a new cycling program with 80 new bikes and technology at two of the five area branches in Grand Rapids…LifeFitness IC6 bikes, CONNECT and Coach By Color (Indoor Cycling Group / ICG Training).  Without a doubt this has been a game changer for our classes and only boosted interest and engagement in the Studio Cycling group fitness class offering.  Like any new program, its been a process and we continue to work through a few tech issues…but things will only get better in 2019.  The Les Mills RPM (45 minutes of structured tracks and multiple “releases” throughout the year) line up is growing and SPRINT (30 minute intense express format) will be added within the year.

For this blog in 2019, look for more of this good stuff: ride profiles, Spotify playlists, YouTube videos (and video playlists), related news stories, guest blog posts, First Ride Studio reviews, A Look Back, theme rides, surveys, class schedules, and other resources for Studio Cycling enthusiasts!

In return, I’ll watch for your likes, comments, follows, etc.  Please share FORTHERIDEINSIDE.COM with those in your social and fitness networks…expecting record activity and traffic here in the new year.

What are your highlights of 2018?  What are you looking forward to in 2019 (and beyond)?

be well, and HAPPY NEW YEAR…Enjoy the Ride!


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