Natural Madness: Muse v. Imagine Dragons 444

Inspiration: TGINMF!

Two great New Music Friday releases today: Muse’s Simulation Theory and Imagine Dragons’ Origins.

And a BATTLE RIDE is on…it’s a perfect storm!

Muse, an English band, formed in 1994…released their 1st album in 1999. 7 albums later…brings us to today.

Imagine Dragons, an American band, formed less than 10 years ago in 2009…their first release in 2012, with Origins being their 4th, and also released today.

This ride playlist includes ride ready tracks from more than 10 albums – 17 tracks and 67 minutes (Goin’ overtime!)

Which group…which tracks will bring out your NATURAL MADNESS?

Enjoy the Ride! πŸš΄πŸ»πŸŽΆπŸ˜…

Genre:Β Alternative, Pop, Rock

Approximate time:Β 67 minutes

Playlist…on Spotify:

On YouTube:


SPin the News:

3 Things You Can Do to Get a Better Spin Class Workout

6 thoughts on “Natural Madness: Muse v. Imagine Dragons 444

  1. Here’s my suggested ride profile…
    Natural Madness 444
    Summary Ride Profile (Many hills to climb…9!)

    Track # – Movement
    01 – Warm up
    02 – Alt Seated/Standing Flat
    03 – Seated to Standing Hill
    04 – Jumps on a Hill
    05 – Another Hill, opt mod: Figure 8
    06 – Running on a Hill (3x)
    07 – Seated to Standing Hill
    08 – Extended seated flat with intense quick push in the last 90 seconds (Optional 5m FTP Power Test starting at 1:15)
    09 – Random Sprints (10-40s)
    10 – Alt Seated / Standing Climb
    11 – Power Climb (Standing / Seated)
    12 – Seated to Standing Hill
    13 – Quick seated Flat w/ incr head wind
    14 – Jumps
    15 – Running on a Hill (3x)
    16 – Sprint to the Finish (3x)
    17 – Cool down & stretch


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