Fall In 400

Inspiration: FOUR HUNDRED!
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A little irony with this FALL IN post…
For the extended MLK Jr Holiday Weekend, my wife and daughters and I had a getaway weekend at our cottage in northern Michigan. Other than a 3 hour ROAD TRIP Saturday afternoon, the plan was to stay IN on a typical MItten January winter weekend (light snow and well below freezing temps). The road trip was to Ludington on the Lake Michigan shoreline. If you haven’t been to Lake Michigan in January / February, it’s a must see…just venture out with care! I nailed it…a 9.8 point wipe out on the frozen lake! A couple days later still feeling it and not ready to leave the great North yet. So after this post, clean up and pack up I’m off the Urgent Care for an assessment of spine, hip and pelvis.
To the playlist…
New finds by American Authors, Justin Timberlake, Brothers Osborne, Owl City, Building 429 and the movie THE GREATEST SHOWMAN. For the first time in a while I included one of my favorite seated/standing drills…to the much extended remix of Madonna’s HUNG UP. The drill is based on breaking the movements down into 1-minute segments. As you go through the drill, each minute progressively increases the amount of standing time vs. seated time. First minute seated, second minute 10 seconds standing, 50 seconds seated, third minute 20 seconds standing / 40 seated…and so on. Final minute is all standing. There is enough time in this 9 minute version to extend the drill another minute of two.
If you’ve never experienced winter…or northern Michigan, here are some pics for this MLK Weekend 2018!
From top to bottom: Fireside at the Cottage…Frozen Lake Michigan at Ludington Harbor…the snow-covered road back to Big Star Lake…Allison’s Cottage Cakes (Lemon Ricotta with Blackberries)…Cottage pain relievers…Window view of frozen Big Star Lake. CHECK OUT THE EXTRA YOUTUBE VIEW POST TOO!

Thanks to my “trip” up north, my classes will be subbed for the next week or two. I hope to be back in the saddle very soon!

Thanks for your FOLLOW, SHARES and LIKES…Enjoy the Ride!

Genre: Alternative, Christian, Country, EDM, Pop, Rock.
Approximate time: 60 minutes
SPINlist and Summary Profile:
Warm up – This Place / Building 429
Seated / Standing Flat – Bizarre / Blasterjaxx (ft. UHRE)
Seated / Standing Climb – Shoot Me Straight / Brothers Osborne
Seated Flat – Fall In / Purple Haze with James New
Retro Climb – Bad Girls ($wans$ Remix) / Donna Summer
Seated / Standing Flat with Accelerations – Lucid Dream / Owl City
DRILL: Alt Seated / Standing Work – Hung Up (Extended Remix) / Modonna with Tracy Young
Steep Seated to Standing Climb – Filthy / Justin Timberlake
Tabata Sprints – Lonely Inside (Ferry Fix) – Ferry Corsten
Seated / Standing hill with Optional Figure 8’s – So Far Away (CLiQ Dub Remix) / Martin Garrix, David Guetta with Jamie Scott & Romy Dya
Final Climb – From Now On (The Greatest Showman Soundtrack) / Hugh Jackman
Sprint home – I Wanna Go Out / American Authors
Cool down & Stretch – Endless Alleluia / Cory Asbury

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