Fall In 400

Inspiration: FOUR HUNDRED! No shortage of playlists and posts here at FOR THE RIDE INSIDE! A little irony with this FALL IN post... For the extended MLK Jr Holiday Weekend, my wife and daughters and I had a getaway weekend at our cottage in northern Michigan. Other than a 3 hour ROAD TRIP Saturday afternoon, … Continue reading Fall In 400

Something I Need 184

Inspiration: If I were scheduling the classes, they'd all be an hour...but I'm not, and many members prefer a 45 minute ride (some...even 30 minutes). So, here's another 45+ minute mix of music, terrain, movements and intensity. My top three are Coldplay's A Sky Full of Stars, a Remix of Big Data's Dangerous and Vampire … Continue reading Something I Need 184

Ridin’ music…and more

Here are snapshots of three I worked on earlier this week...plus a favorite Classic Rock playlist from Melissa V., another Cycle instructor at the Spartan Stores Y. ┬áRide details to follow. ┬áRight now...time to enjoy the weekend UP NORTH!For you foodies, I have a special pic for you (my Grilled Salmon with Butter & Lemon … Continue reading Ridin’ music…and more