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  • Something I Need 184

    Something I Need 184

    Inspiration: If I were scheduling the classes, they’d all be an hour…but I’m not, and many members prefer a 45 minute ride (some…even 30 minutes). So, here’s another 45+ minute mix of music, terrain, movements and intensity. My top three are Coldplay’s A Sky Full of Stars, a Remix of Big Data’s Dangerous and Vampire […]

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  • Just A Beautiful Day 130

    Just A Beautiful Day 130

    Inspiration: Updated the EXTREME WAYS #12 playlist from 2012 and extended it to a full hour +. Updates include: Work Work, Do What U Want, To This Day and a Remix of Linkin Park’s Powerless. Genre: Alternative, Pop, Rock, Dance Approximate time: 66 minutes Ride Playlist: On Spotify: On YouTube:

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  • Arise 129

    Arise 129

    Inspiration: Found some old and new tracks for an hour ride playlist…includes one from latest Panic! at the Disco release (great album). ALSO, ten shiny new bikes delivered to the Spartan Stores YMCA this weekend! Keiser M3+ indoor cycles…very cool. Along with the 24 Spinner NXT cycles we’ve had since opening a couple years ago, […]

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