Something I Need 184

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Inspiration: If I were scheduling the classes, they’d all be an hour…but I’m not, and many members prefer a 45 minute ride (some…even 30 minutes). So, here’s another 45+ minute mix of music, terrain, movements and intensity. My top three are Coldplay’s A Sky Full of Stars, a Remix of Big Data’s Dangerous and Vampire Weekend’s Holiday…for the Memorial Day Holiday (“SOMETHING I NEED”)!
Genre: Alternative, Dance, Electronic, Pop, Rock, World.
Approximate time: 47 minutes
Ride Playlist:
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Warm up – Classic – MKTO
Seated / Standing Flat – A Sky Full of Stars – Ghost Stories
Sprints (15/15/30s) – Bones – Moon Landing
Seated / Standing Hill – Something I Need – Native
Jumps – You Wreck Me – Wildflowers
Seated / Standing Hill – Dangerous (AVAN LAVA Remix) – 1.5
Seated Flat with Sprints on a Hill (15/15/30’s) – Push Play (feat. Miriam Bryant) – Clarity (Deluxe Edition)
Seated Hill – Don’t Do This – Rock and Roll Is Black and Blue
Seated Flat / Active Recovery (Tribal drums) – Vroue speel Djembe – Chansons de Áfrique. Musique Traditionnelle Africaine
Jumps – Holiday – Contra (Bonus Track Version)
Seated / Standing Hill – Battle Scars – Battle Scars – Single
Sprints (15/30/30s) – Walking On Air – PRISM (Deluxe Version)
Cool down & stretch – Barely Breathing – Duncan Sheik

Moon Landing

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