They Paid $42 for a SoulCycle Ride, Not for Trump – The New York Times

A look at what happens when politics enters every spandex-clad corner of life, especially in the Hamptons. — Read on


Are Those Push-Ups in My Indoor Cycling Class Actually Doing Anything? | SELF

Indoor cycling class is a great cardio workout, but I've been wondering: Do push-up on the bike do anything? Or do I have permission to stop doing them? — Read on

Wednesday Poll: Ride Ready?

Whether you're an instructor or a participant, this applies to the hour or so BEFORE your class / ride, what do you eat or drink for that added kick? On this subject...from MEN'S JOURNAL     Results of last POLL: What is your Indoor Cycling Instructor certification? Answer Percent Spinning / Mad Dogg … Continue reading Wednesday Poll: Ride Ready?

Cycling INSIDE the City 2019 – Grand Rapids, MI

Cycling INSIDE the City ...a guide to Studio Cycling in Greater Grand Rapids, MI Over the past 4 years, Grand Rapids has been BOOMING...housing, nightlife, cultural, business, recreation and FITNESS. It's time to take another look at the world of Studio Cycling in Grand Rapids! ___________________________________________________________________________________ 4G Athletic - New since 2016 2141 Port … Continue reading Cycling INSIDE the City 2019 – Grand Rapids, MI

Wednesday Poll: Studio Cycling class format

Back in the day, if you said you were going to SPIN CLASS, most people had a good idea of what that meant.  Today, with all the amazing and varied options...indoor cycling comes in many shapes and sizes.  Today's POLL:  share your favorite format(s)...either as a rider/participant or as an instructor/coach. I found the following … Continue reading Wednesday Poll: Studio Cycling class format

Preparing for your BEST Endurance ride…INSIDE!

We're gearing up for a new ENDURANCE RIDE series at the Greater Grand Rapids YMCA...FTP 90! Demo classes underway this week...the 8-week series officially kicks off next week. In my ongoing preparation for this program, I wanted to share several resources with Y members and other cycling enthusiasts in the community.  These are just a … Continue reading Preparing for your BEST Endurance ride…INSIDE!

Wednesday Poll: Music Streaming Services

Your music tracklist is the key to a great ride inside!  Over the years options for group fitness instructors have evolved, including:  cassette tapes, CDs, mp3 players, purchased content (i.e. iTunes), streamed content (i.e. Spotify).   There has been a lot of activity in the realm of music streaming services and things to consider include:  cost, … Continue reading Wednesday Poll: Music Streaming Services

Notes and other web resources for Endurance rides

______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ en·dur·ance /inˈd(y)o͝orəns,enˈd(y)o͝orəns/ noun the fact or power of enduring an unpleasant or difficult process or situation without giving way. "Mary was close to the limit of her endurance in Steve's Endurance Cycling class" synonyms: toleration, tolerance, sufferance, forbearance, patience, acceptance ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Year after year, January through March is prime time for Endurance Rides in the Cycle Studio! These 90-minute … Continue reading Notes and other web resources for Endurance rides

Wednesday Poll: Cycling Shoes

Practically every sport, indoor or outdoor, has a uniquely designed shoe to maximize performance and comfort…and reduce risk of injury. Indoor cycling isn’t any different.  While a shoe that's specific to indoor studio cycling isn't common, mountain biking shoes tend to be the best option for your RIDE INSIDE! When shopping for a cycling shoe … Continue reading Wednesday Poll: Cycling Shoes