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  • Rider’s Choice

    Rider’s Choice

    A quick poll…how do you ride when you Ride Inside?

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  • The Future of Indoor Cycling – Part I of II

    The Future of Indoor Cycling – Part I of II

    While the next two posts are titled The FUTURE of Indoor Cycling, before looking into the Future, this PART I looks to the PAST and also the CURRENT state of indoor cycling as an essential fitness option for many…around the world!  Let’s go for a ride… While the earliest evidence of indoor cycling goes back […]

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  • Wednesday Poll:  Studio Cycling class format

    Wednesday Poll: Studio Cycling class format

    Back in the day, if you said you were going to SPIN CLASS, most people had a good idea of what that meant.  Today, with all the amazing and varied options…indoor cycling comes in many shapes and sizes.  Today’s POLL:  share your favorite format(s)…either as a rider/participant or as an instructor/coach. I found the following […]

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  • 2018…see ya!

    2018…see ya!

    2018 was a great year for Studio Cycling around the world…interest continues to grow at a strong pace with more boutique studios opening, more in-home fitness and live streamed classes (Peloton…I know of 3 people that took delivery in 2018), and new class formats.  I like this video post from the CEO of Peloton (December […]

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  • Rogue Ones 450

    Rogue Ones 450

    Inspiration:  MERRY CHRISTMAS! Here’s a ROGUE RIDE for you.  8 of the 9 Spinning movements and 17 great tracks, including these favorites:  Remember, Pretty Lies, So Close, Help Me Mama, If You Were Mine, This Is What I Live For, Rogue Ones and comethru!  For shorter classes, I have the 45 minute Spotify playlist below. […]

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  • Fire N Gold: 2018 Winter Olympics Tribute 404

    Fire N Gold: 2018 Winter Olympics Tribute 404

    Inspiration: Another THEME RIDE! Olympians from 90 nations around the world are gathering in South Korea with visions of FIRE N GOLD! Keeping with the mountain terrain of Pyeongchang Country, this ride profile has several climbs. For added motivation, riders should imagine what it took for all 2,925 athletes to make the cut for this […]

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