Wednesday Poll: Studio Cycling class format

Back in the day, if you said you were going to SPIN CLASS, most people had a good idea of what that meant.  Today, with all the amazing and varied options…indoor cycling comes in many shapes and sizes.  Today’s POLL:  share your favorite format(s)…either as a rider/participant or as an instructor/coach.

I found the following at, from last November.  I love this because in the title – the key is EVERY RIDER!  Often, I get the impression that many outdoor riders are exclusively outdoors, never taking time to checkout a studio cycling class…and what a shame that is!

10 Amazing Cycling Classes Every Rider Must Try


Aside from the title of Cassie’s story…some other key notes of this good read:
  • Throughout don’t miss to web-links to other related stories on this topic.
  • There’s comprehensive coverage of all things INDOOR…not just the boutique studios, but in-home virtual programs like the tremendously successful Peloton program and road bike w/ trainer oriented programs…like ZWIFT.
  • A quick look at a variety of cycle studios…including many that I have experienced at least one, twice or more (FLYWHEEL and SOULCYCLE!).
  • Don’t skip past the comments posted at the end of the story…some great sharing here!
Thanks for your story Cassie!
Okay, now on to the POLL…and then a quick recap of results from the last POLL on music streaming services at the end of this post.
And here’s a recap of the poll on favorite music streaming services:
  • Spotify is #1 for many – 70% in this POLL…not surprised!
  • Apple Music is a distant 2nd – 13% of responses.
  • Others that came in a the bottom of the POLL:  Deezer, YouTube Music, Mixmeister.
  • Not even 1 vote for Pandora, that is a surprise.
  • Someone commented:  Mixes of my own mix of songs I bought.

Have a great week…ENJOY THE RIDE!

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