Your Wildest Dreams: SPINdurance 2019.2 460

Inspiration:  A west Michigan snow day calls for a SPOTIFY marathon AND a new 90-minute playlist / ride profile!  This time my brother-in-law Clint had some great suggestions…this should be a GOOD ONE, planning on this for tomorrow’s FTP 90 class!

The ride is named for the Moody Blues track and perfect for this ALTERED STATES theme…plenty of chemically-induced tunes (there’s more that didn’t make the cut this time).  Includes many of the “classic” artists: Styx, The Doors, The Beatles, Steve Miller Band, The Rolling Stones, Rush, Jefferson Airplane, Queen, Led Zeppelin, Cream, The Who, The Cars…and others.  A more current, but fitting bonus track is Lover, Leaver by Greta Van Fleet (homegrown in THE MITTEN – aka Michigan!)…thanks Clint!

More hills on this one, so the target for the five zones on this ride is heavier in Yellow:

Zone 1 (White): 5%…Zone 2 (Blue): 5-10%…Zone 3 (Green): 30%…Zone 4 (Yellow): 40%…Zone 5 (Red, Ring of Fire, Tunnel of Fire): 15-20%

Genre:  Classic / Psychedelic Rock

Duration:  96 minutes (without cross-fade)

Playlist and Summary Ride Profile (brief moments of Zone 2 / Active Recovery between tracks)

Warm up / Upper body stretch – Space Intro / Steve Miller Band

Continued Warm up, Seated Flat, prep for opt. FTP / Power Test – Fly Like An Eagle / Steve Miller Band

Opt 5 min Power Test -or- FTP validation* – Sympathy For The Devil / The Rolling Stones

Quick Active Recovery and Steady Flat Tempo Ride – Your Wildest Dreams / Moody Blues

First of MANY Hills – Tom Sawyer / Rush

Jumps on a Hill, incr. intensity – White Rabbit (Mono Single Version) / Jefferson Airplane

Standing Climb – Come Together / The Beatles

Tabata Sprints / Round Robin Challenge – No Time This Time / The Police

Seated Flat, added resistance for head wind – Immigrant Song / Led Zeppelin

Alt Standing / Seated Hill – Fat Bottomed Girls / Queen

Tempo Pace on Flat – Sunshine Of Your Love / Cream

Power Climb – Lover, Leaver / Greta Van Fleet

Seated Climb – In-A-Godda-Da-Vida / Iron Butterfly

Steep Hill Climb with RING-OF-FIRE Attack at the finish – Baba O’Riley / The Who

Tempo Pace on Flat, Alt Seated / Standing – Light My Fire / The Doors

Flat with increasing resistance  – I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For (Lillywhite Alternative Mix ’87) / U2

Climb – House Of The Rising Sun / The Animals

More Climbing – Moving In Stereo / The Cars

Quick Seated Flat – Don’t Stop Me Now / Queen

Free Ride / Riders’ Choice – Whole Lotta Love / Led Zeppelin

Quick Flat with Sprints – Think About Me / The Tubes

Cool down & Stretch – Man In The Wilderness / Styx

* – FTP validation (1 min 90% FTP, 1 min 100% FTP, 1 min 110% FTP, 1 min 90% FTP, and last min+ at 100% FTP)

On Spotify:

On YouTube:

2014 LIP SYNC BATTLE:  Fallon v. Rudd (Short on time?  Skip to 4:17 – Don’t Stop Me Now)

SPin the News:

Could virtual bicycle racing revitalize an old sport?

4 thoughts on “Your Wildest Dreams: SPINdurance 2019.2 460

  1. Fabulous playlist as always. You are my hero! I would be so sad if you ever stopped this incredible blog. Thank you for being a master instructor and friend to the greater spin instructor community.

    Liked by 1 person

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