The POWER of Indoor Cycling: A guest blog post & SPRING BREAK Theme Ride by Cathy M 414

What a great post for the last SUNDAY FUNDAY of March 2018! Much of this month we’ve had a special focus on the contributions of women around the world (Woman’s History Month, Women’s Week, and International Women’s Day), so I was so happy that Cathy Miller, Indiana businesswoman…Spinning Rock Star…community activist…and owner of InCycle (Carmel, IN), was able to take time out of her busy schedule to share a guest post.

I meet Cathy and her team several months ago at the studio, situated in the heart of this beautiful Indianapolis suburban community. Follow HERE for my post and review of a GREAT class while on the road.

So, for the MARCH 2018 feature instructor…meet Cathy Miller!

I can’t remember a time in my life when I wasn’t addicted (in a really good way) to the high that comes from working out! Running was my drug of choice, until I had surgery on my left foot about 12 years ago and was told that I couldn’t run for 6 months. Six months without cardio – who could possibly endure such a sentence!! I knew I had to find an alternative and thought Spinning could be my answer, as it was non-impact and wouldn’t affect my foot healing.

I had been an avid outdoor rider for years, but had never taken an indoor cycling class. So, since I was restricted from running and was in a walking boot for 8 weeks, I decided to give Spinning a try – voila, it worked and I was hooked!

As soon as I was able to get out of the boot and into Spinning shoes, I got certified to teach and have never looked back! I found that the combination of great music, group energy and riding was euphoria! I taught for several years at various studios, but always harbored the desire for my own space. I knew what I wanted to create:
– a place that every person who walked through the door felt accepted and empowered,
– an environment that encouraged and welcomed the new, and potentially nervous, rider to find the courage to do their best,
– a studio that would challenge the most advanced rider to test their edge and experience their EXTRA-ordinary
– a place of positivity, creativity, no judgment, encouragement, and above all…FUN

A quote that I had read stuck with me and I knew it would be the motto for my indoor cycling studio “comparison is the thief of joy”. Get on that bike and do what YOU can do that day, not what you did yesterday or what you think you can do tomorrow…but your personal best today – no comparison. I followed that dream and it’s called InCycle!!

We opened our doors almost 5 years ago, May 6, 2013, and have been growing strong ever since. Every day is truly a great ride at InCycle. It makes me laugh when I hear people say ‘are you on your way to work?’ – how could it possibly be work when I love it so much! Our InCycle team is what makes the “wheels go ’round”! And our InCycle family of clients inspire us every single day. Theme rides, video rides, bike bootcamp, upper body extreme classes, 30/30 cycle circuits…it’s never just a ride, it’s a full body, mind, soul experience.

My enthusiasm for riding has only grown over the years. I still get a little bit of that butterfly sensation in my belly when I climb onto the bike at the beginning of class and look out over the room full of riders. My inspiration comes from our riders – I have had so many clients tell me that InCycle has changed their life and I know what they mean because it has changed mine!! Riding gives me joy, ignites my passion, and keeps me young!! Now that is a great drug!!

In my short 90 minute visit to InCycle, there was no missing the amazing vibe that Cathy shares above. Here are some images and sounds to get you there…or better yet, visit InCycle next time you’re in the greater Indy area!

Thanks again Cathy and BEST WISHES to you and your team for continued success at InCycle.

Cathy’s SPRING BREAK themed ride on SPOTIFY:

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